Sunday, January 6, 2013

Nails Inc. - The After Party Part 2 - Disco Lane

ERMAGERD did I take a lot of pictures of this! I was madly in love with it. Then it didn't help that I uploaded all the swatches I'd done before the holidays, didn't blog for weeks because of the internet and then, forgetting what I had uploaded, uploaded them again. Derrrr. I had to weed through them and delete out the dupes and...blah. But it's done for these now.

Now just the two manis that came next! Grrrr. Sometimes I am such a block head.

I did some checking and yes, this is only available as a part of the After Party set on Sephora, at least. I didn't check like...extensively or anything. You can do that yourselves if you simply must have ONLY this color. I have faith in you. You found this blog and are reading it, you must be reasonably resourceful.

It's gorgeous.

This isn't the world's best swatch, but you get the idea. You have several more bottle shots coming because I had a lot of trouble getting the holo effect to show on the nail in the pictures.

This has quite a bit of silver in it, not that it's not a great holo, it is, but it's not a smooth one. So the flash tends to pick up the silver while the lens picks up the black if you go without flash, as in this picture.

Ahhh. There we go!! It's really dense. Now, to be fair, I need to point out that this had been laying in it's little plastic container for some time and this is the congregation on the wall of the bottle. All those little particles got together and  had their own after party over there.

Natural light from the window. A little better angle here. This is no jelly, too, I would like to point out. This is an opaque charcoal base with micro holo glitter particles in it. This will make a difference when we start discussing finish.

Finally the label shot. You can see what I mean on the silver here. It's not overwhelming and it adds a pretty midnight winter sky feel to the polish but it's prominent enough you will see it.

I tried to do the same picture but with flash. Now that silver reflection is really visible. You can also see the texture of this more clearly here. It's not smooth. You're going to want a monster top coat on this. I've been reading up on Gelous, Kell at Kell's DIY Nails was able to verify from them that they are cruelty free, as are their third party vendors, (Check her out here: kellsdiynails) so next time in the big cit-ay, I will try to pick up some of this. I am interested. It's cheaper than Seche and Poshe and if I can just walk into Sally's after a mani and re-supply then I'm all for it. My point being, I understand the green bottle is great for dealing with a chunky glitter.

Which, while I'm wandering far off base, my beloved Seche Rebuild is going MIA. I picked up three bottles for a song from a third party vendor on Amazon, can't go away! It just can't! It's still on the main Seche website...I need to email them and find out some scoop. I will let you know what I hear back. It is not formaldehyde free, maybe they are trying to remedy that? Maybe they're updating equipment? I don't know...but I'm not amused. It's part of the reason I was looking into this Gelous. I also have the new Deborah Lippmann Gel Lab set coming. Gels appear to be the wave of the future, damn it, and so I want to try some of the new stuff that is coming out that acts like a gel until it comes time to get the crap off your nails. I DO. NOT. LIKE IT! You guys know this! I don't have good luck with it! Ugh. The Lippmann's are supposed to come off like normal polish and include her normal cocktail of good for you stuff. We'll see. At $48 for the set it's not exactly cheap, but gels aren't either.

**huffnpuff while I get back off my soap box**

This picture is the real deal. This is what you will see when you get your bottle, if you do. It's not quite this POW but it's close. Couldn't you just die??

 And the parting shot. Once again, this is truly the Disco Lane here, as it's a spot on the bottle where the particles have gathered. In real life you'll see more black, but it is extremely dense with the little glitter bits and a highly pigmented base. You can do one coat of this if you're careful. What you are looking at is two.

There is a comparison coming up, the pictures are taken, I'm going to do a pic with top coat of each so you can see that. These shots do not have topcoat. It might be a few days, I have some other stuff to show you!

I hope you like, I'd be interested to know if you're going to look into this set.

Happy Talons!


  1. Gorgeous polish! I love anything with holo!! :)

  2. I know, right? Thank you!!

    Comparison to BB Couture Orion's Belt will be up in a few days.

  3. Awesome-sauce! Thanks for the Shout-out! ;-)