Thursday, January 10, 2013

Black Holo Comparisons

Nails Inc Disco Lane is a lovely black holo polish I reviewed a couple of days ago. I had been wondering how it would stack up to BB Couture's Orion's Belt, which I have not reviewed ever. So this will only be a comparison of the polishes not of their wear.

Disco Lane is only available as a part of the The After Party set. I found mine on Orion's Belt is available singly, mine came from They are similar, but far from dupes.

This was the only shot I could get that showed the bottles without a flash all over the bottle. It serves, don't you think? This also serves to show you some significant differences in the polishes.

It won't show on the swatches nearly as well, but Disco Lane isn't as black. It's more charcoal. It's very dark, it's almost black. Orion's Belt is simply a darker black. I know you know what I mean just as much as I know how ridiculous that sounds to someone without Nailosaurus Opticus.

Well, you can kind of see what I mean here. I didn't do a whole hand comparison because of my nubbins. They're just not doing these polishes justice, honestly.

Orion's Belt is on my middle finger, Disco Lane on my index. The holo is a lot more dense in Disco Lane, it has more fire. There is a downside to this, though. I'll explain in a minute.
This is one coat so you can see the opacity of the bases to these.

Still one coat and the flash is rendering the holo particles silver, but it serves to show the density of those particles. The other significant thing I'm trying to show you is that in the Nails Inc the holo is like a mico-glitter, making it a rougher surface. It's also more like a rubberized look. It doesn't have that feel and that's really a bit extreme, but this has a silky matte texture to it, where as you can see the shine on the BB Couture.

OK, up to two coats and you can really see the difference in particle density. Both of these are pretty...I personally like Orion's Belt better? I think it looks like a night sky when there is no moon, which might be the whole point! But I think it's purely a matter of personal preference.

Got a little messy, there. Sorry! You can see the rougher surface of Disco Lane here. I personally do not like that as well. I like the smoother polishes.

You can see some of the significant differences I've mentioned above here.
Orion's Belt is simply less aggressive.

This is with a coat of Seche on each. As you can see, it tones down the roughness on Disco but Orion is losing some of it's sparkle to the top coat. Hm. They both actually lost quite a bit of their glamour under the Seche. Maybe a different top coat? 

So there you have it? Will you pick these up? One or the other? I'd love to know!

Happy Talons!

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