Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Illamasqua's not so exclusive, limited internet and other assorted rants


I wanted to blog some holiday colors for you because I live in the boonies and I have limited internets. Which is now used up.

Overages are a lovely $10 per Gig, which, as you are on the internet now, you may be aware is really NOT VERY MUCH! Especially when you are doing pictures and whatnot. However, you all may live in civilization with nice things like unlimited internet. I like living in the boonies? It's quiet...not so many kids in your yard, more things like dogs and the occasional goat. And a bald eagle not far away at all, which was a total anomaly. There are more farm tractors than IROCs and seasons are measured in the comings and goings of farm machinery.

This also means that I have to order most of my high class make up and nail polish, which you all know I am completely addicted to, and sometimes you get some losers. Or. You get duped, which is kind of how I felt when I got the cool email from Illamasqua revealing they NOW HAVE THOSE SEPHORA EXCLUSIVES! Making them...not. Exclusive. Which...on the one hand, I am happy about. They are completely amazing and gorgeous and I'm glad more people can get them if they agree. I am unhappy because I stalked Sephora and spent way more than I wanted to because I was stalking it and then Illamasqua started carrying them as well. Which would have ultimately saved me a ton. **grumbles**

I will post as soon as I can manage, I promise. But it will likely be more like Christmas unless I decide to just pay the price and get posts out there. I do apologize. I love to post and write and I have good stuff for you, I might even say great stuff, but I need to economize. Partly because of that great stuff.

Sprees are expensive, as it turns out. So is holiday shopping.

Bah humbug, stupid limited internet.

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