Monday, January 14, 2013

Ciate - Spending Spree

Ciate is one of those brands I picked up because the color was pretty and I knew they were bunny safe. Generally I'm not branching out much on new brands these days. It's expensive enough keeping up with the ones I already collect and love. I don't need to add even more to keep up with. I have good luck with British brands and these are intriguing. I had wanted to introduce all kinds of new bunny friendly brands, and I still want to, but keeping up is so expensive. The other thing is, as much as I would love to support the independents, I can never seem to find their collections when they actually have any. That can be a real challenge when you can't be online every day. Well, not at home, anyway. So, the moral of this is, I only have a few Ciates.

This one is Spending Spree, ironically, which is a lovely rose gold metallicky almost duo-chromey sort of thing.

Unfortunately, my crap camera didn't pick up the duo-chrome effect though I did take about a bazillion pictures.

This is with flash, it's washing it out a little. This color has a curious almost dirty look to it...kind of similar to a patina, if you can imagine. As you can see here, it's really pretty, the micro shimmery goodness lends so much.

You can see some tipwear here, this manicure is really kind of old at this point. I believe this was maybe 6 days? I can't tell you how it was done, either. BMWWU did this one.

Without flash it's a little darker and I think you can possibly see what I mean about the darkness to this. It's difficult to describe.

Again with no flash. This is closer to the real color here, but it's still not quite it. I never did really capture it and I apologize. This one wasn't cooperative.

This is quite true, as close as I ever got, though I will still show you a bunch more pics!
That little bow is glued on there and so far it's stayed put.

If you look at the right corner of the bottle you can see some of that patina like effect I'm trying to describe. I was trying everything to get it to show, but it no deal.

This pic was really altered in the editing. I apologize it has such a weird aura to it. I almost didn't use it.

uh-huh! Seeing now why I gave you that side of the bottle swatch? I was trying to get you a clear view into the bottle! I kind of don't like this about this brand, actually. You have a very small window to see the lacquer color in truth.

Many More attempts to capture the color more accurately:

So what do you think? Like? I enjoyed wearing it, even though I confess I do realize it's not the best color for me. It's still pretty and was really appropriate as I went Christmas shopping right after this manicure!

Happy Talons!

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