Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Royal Mail hates us

You may be aware that Great Britain has changed it's postal policy and is now considering nail polish to be a hazardous material. Not sure what the argument was, but I had orders with ModelsOwn, a brand I really love, for a LOT of polish and it's all sitting in their warehouse because they can't ship Royal Mail. The emails I had told me that my original orders had in fact been destroyed by the Royal Mail for not conforming to their regulations. Ouch. This is impacting A-England, who has found a temporary work around, presumably until the stock runs out at places like Llarowe. After that they're in trouble. ModelsOwn is still searching for a solution. I can't believe the British Parliament will allow their businesses to suffer the loss of these sales and hopefully they will come up with a viable solution soon. Illamasqua has distribution out of Belgium, apparently, which is how I got my latest order from them.I don't know how long that will last, either. I am hoping they will come to their senses and allow the commerce to flow freely. This is a global economy now, thanks to the interwebs, and we want our sparklies!

Unfortunately I'm flat not informed enough to give you more information, but just know if you're outside Great Britain some of those brands we've grown to love are not so easy to get just now. I don't know if they will switch to more expensive UPS or Fed Ex or even if they're permitted to do that, either. I would think that would be the first place you'd go as an alternative. I also don't know what else is impacted, if it's all cosmetics or just polish...any British readers out there who can offer more info? Would be really interested to know.

As a result, I am already looking into some native to this country manufacturers of some unique stuff, like Cirque, to try to replace some of the brands I might not be able to get any longer. As much as I'd love to jet off to London for each new collection release I live in the real world with a job that I have trouble getting my comp time for and that pays crap. So...I hope a solution is at hand. In the meantime I might be showing you some brands new to me, and exploring other US options I haven't tried for now. As much as I love the independents and think they're doing some really great stuff, I find I am not quick enough on the draw to get those colors everyone wants to see from them. I end up with that odd applegreenyellow thing that no one bought that was marked down. So I don't bother because honestly, I don't usually want those colors, either. I'm also looking more into Chanel because like I said, they are rumored to be cruelty free though they rarely deign to answer that question. They have the hot colors. Until I know for sure they're not cruelty free I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt because I have been told they are. I hope it's true.

I hope this doesn't have long term repercussions for my beloved Illamasqua. Most of my color is Illamasqua from my lips to my eyes and that would really piss me off. To be blunt. ModelsOwn upsets me as well because they do some gorgeous stuff. A-England...oh please don't let this mean I can't get those any longer. I have every single one at this time. I want to continue to have! Come on, Britain! These three are the brands I'm upset about. There are many others, I'm sure.

Unhappy Talons right now!!

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