Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jasper - the other something different from butterLondon

The other less classic pastel in this collection, and the last I have to show you, is Jasper. It's a really pretty pale yellow pastel. And a sweetened version of the actual stone I would guess it's named after.

Here is the stone: International Colored Gem Institute Jasper
Or at least one example of it, but you can see the pretty yellows in there.

Here is the polish:

This is one coat, streaky but not unmanageable.

You can see at two coats it levels out and looks really creamy and pretty. Yellow is not my color and it not even a color I personally care for but for some reason I like it as a nail polish. Despite the fact that any color nail polish is acceptable these days, and there is a huge variety of them to be found, yellow still seems unexpected. This looks like the hard candy coating on maybe an M&M. But it still manages to look like a yellow marshmallow. This collection is so interesting that way.

It doesn't make me all red, either. Surprising. It's not exactly the best thing on my skin tone, but I have told you that already! I think this swatch just really helps demonstrate that really well...

Last one. This shows a little of the chalkiness characteristic of pastels and these are no exception, but there is a quality to these that makes them look so soft. While looking like a hard candy coating or an Easter Egg. It's really intriguing.

I like this one, too.

That's the end of this collection, what did you think? Planning to pick up any of these?

Happy Talons!

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