Sunday, February 24, 2013

butterLondon - Fiver. And now for something completely different!

Between the Deborah Lippmann Girls collection and these other pinks and purples, you have to be about pink and purpled out. I know I am. So now on to something completely different. And one of my favorites from this collection, which is odd, honestly, because greens aren't my favorites. I love them in nature and I'm definitely craving some green after the drought last Summer and then a grey Winter. I need me some green. Outside.

However Fiver is such a fun mint color. It instantly cheers you up!

This is one streaky chalky coat. Not a one coater. You can see it has a bit of a powdery feel to it and I was a little messy applying it. It straightens right up on coat number 2.

OK, now we're talking. Isn't this pretty? I don't know how a pastel can look so lit from within, but somehow this pulls it off. It glows. I love it. There is a lot of white here, which might have something to do with it, and you can tell in the first swatch that they didn't skimp on the pigments.

Here's another shot of the label. This gives me a little lobster-ness, but I don't mind if I like the color. It's just so cheerful!

See, not terrible lobster-ness. If you check the index finger in particular you can see that this is really a rather thick polish. That's not bad, I find at the right thickness a polish can be so easily to manipulated.  Still, you can see where I had a little issue at the cuticle level. Nothing bad and probably had I been a tad more careful they'd look better.

Last one. I just love this. I love the kind of ethereal glow of this. I wonder what a blue from this collection would have been like. This has a lot of blue in it and you could probably argue it was a very bright but muted robin's egg...but I think it's more green. And I love it.

Happy Talons!

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