Friday, February 15, 2013

butterLONDON - Cuppa

For Spring butter, and a lot of other companies, actually, put out a line of pastels. Pastels aren't my favorites. They tend to be chalky and if they don't have something a little edgy I find them trite. Pastels? Meh.
However, I'm a fan and butter does edgy well so I took a leap of faith. The results were uneven, but worth it overall, I'd say.

Cuppa was one I found really interesting in the pictures and was looking forward to seeing up close and personal. It was one of the Meh ones for me.

Streaky and with drag, you can see that easily. However. This is one coat. One. Um. Wow. If you were careful, you could do this in one coat, the whole collection was very pigmented and opaque, which is definitely a plus.

Cuppa, if you understand Brit, is a cup of tea. Get it? Cup-a? Cup-a-tea? Yeah, you get it.

This is a tea with milk colored polish. It's really neutral. And blah. If you work in an uber conservative office, this might be the gem for you because it's about as neutral as it gets. It has the chalky feel of a pastel, which I believe is just the way those pigments work, and it has nothing else happening. It's a straight up beige cream. But it's not the every day beige, it has a mocha kind of flare which gives it the edge it's looking for, but not much of one. Butter knife edge, pun honestly not intended.

 OK, now we're at two coats. Much better and the color is nicer here. These are true to color swatches, I had a good day with sunlight and I got some really good pics. I was pleased with that whole day of swatches. It's pretty enough. It's wearable. I feel like it needs some glitter or something. Maybe a little scattered micro shimmer would have helped, but then...I don't know, the blandness is kind of it's thing.

Maybe the whole point is that like it or hate it, love it or dump it, it's not a color you don't ponder. It's kind of silly putty colored. Maybe putty is the descriptor we're looking for here. I's neutral but I don't think you can be neutral about it.

I'm very emotionally driven about color and this one confuses me, to be perfectly frank. It also gives me slight lobster paws and ages my hands. I think this isn't for me complexion, really.

I don't know.
If I were to sum up this post it would be "I don't know".

How about you guys? Any thoughts?

Ambivalent Talons?

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