Tuesday, February 26, 2013

butterLondon - Kerfuffle It's a peach!

Kerfuffle is a pastel peach shade. It's really pretty but it's not going to change the world of nail polish or anything. You may have something similar in your stash.

Very powdery pinky peach. This is one coat. If you were careful and did one thick coat you might be able to manage it. However, just for the sake of color intensity I recommend at least two. I know some bloggers won't stop until three just on principal. I say go with what looks best to you.

You can see the chalky feel to this here. That's not bad, it's just a pastel quality that should disseminate with another coat and a top coat.

Here's two. It's...I don't know if you guys ever danced ballet or were interested, but this is about the color of "European Pink" pointe shoes. Peachy but pink. It's pretty...I'm just not as in love with it for some reason. How do we ever know why?

It also reminds me of Barbie, though...it's really not Barbie pink. I guess this color confuses me!

Maybe  third coat wouldn't hurt this. You can see the two middle fingers have some levelling issues, while the index and pinky are full and thick. There has a nearly jelly quality to it, in that it looks almost squishy but it's really not even remotely a jelly. Maybe it's more a marshmallow finish! :)

Erp, I misses up the index finger there...easy to do when swatching because you're fiddling with a camera and the bottles and arranging the photo spot and whatnot.

Because of the general thickness of this collection it's pretty easy to control. As I look at these I'm liking this better, it's growing on me. Still not Fiver...but it's pretty. I'll probably actually wear this.


Happy Talons!

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