Sunday, February 17, 2013

butterLONDON - Fruit Machine

Next up in the Sweeties collection is Fruit Machine. I don't know what that means. I speak some Brit, I used to work for one, but this term I'm not that familiar with. And I'm feeling too lazy and too over on internet usage to go look it up. Pathetic isn't it? Eh, cut me some slack, it's Sunday at the time of writing. I kinda just want to crash and watch movies or read. I have a book on DaVinci I've been wanting to get into. Anyone else hit the sale on They had a huge book sale a couple weeks ago.

Anyway. I digress. Again. I do that a lot. I'm told it's part of my charm.

I'd add a "What I'm currently reading" section but Ji Baek does that already on her blog and as much as I read and usually not what she's reading, I'd not want to steal her idea. Currently reading a really good one about the Muslim's attack of Constantinople in 1453, it was a Friday Freebie for my nook. I can't remember the name, something something Armageddon.

To come back to the point, Fruit Machine is a part of the pastels collection butter has put out for Spring and it's really kind of fun. MDAMO has declared it "Not their best effort" but then rescinded that partially when he saw a swatch that showed the really nice shine they were able to get out of this, though he did also remark on the chalkiness. I told him that is a characteristic of pastels and he said yeah well, it's still chalky. So. There you go.

And you can see, it is. And like I noted on that Lippmann last week, this also picks up every flaw in my nails. Base coat, base coat, base coat. This again, is one coat, though. Like Cuppa, it's very opaque.

And very pink.

Now we have some evening out on the second coat. Two is all you really need. This is a lovely pink with a touch of lavender in it. It's also a candy pink, the collection was well named. This has a lot of blue in it, which is hardly a downside.

It's a pretty Easter Egg kind of color. I like it. It's also very bright, it reminds me of the frosting on a birthday cake or something of that ilk.
This is the swatch, incidentally, that made MDAMO remark on the finish, but that it was still chalky. While I'd love to refute can I really? It is.

However, it's partly the high pigmentation of this that gives it some of that quality so who's to complain? If you put a nice strong top coat on this, you'll never know the difference. It will still have the chalky feel because that's how pastels go, but it'll give it a shine and make it less noticeable than the shine you get on it's own. Which is very nice. Still a top coat helps it wear so I recommend it.

What do you think?

Are you wondering if it's close to Lippmann's Groove is in the Heart? So was I. So I was kind enough to compare it for you!

Oh yeah, no! LOL Not even close. Remember how I said Fruit Machine had a lot of blue in it? Yeah...believe me now? LOL it looks lavender in comparison to the uber pink Groove. So yeah, if you like them both, you're gonna have to splurge on both.

Happy Talons!

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