Monday, September 3, 2012

CHARGE! Sloane Ranger!!!


Only it's a bit more subdued than that.

MDAMO wanted grey. Specifically he wanted Sloane Ranger. Whenever colors would come up he would mention it. There wasn't any of our usual back and forth where I send him a million boring swatches of the million shades I have of grey. 50? Pshaw. Amateurs.

I love grey. It evokes rainy overcast days, trench coats, hot tea with cream and sugar and reading on the porch wrapped in a soft blanket; coolness, wetness, fragrant green grass...I like the rain, I like overcast days that beg you to stay quiet and lazy. Bright sunshine, while fun, makes me feel guilty when I ignore it to stay indoors.

So when MDAMO kept bringing up Sloane Ranger, slyly, mentioning it almost under breath, I knew I had to give in, wear it for him. I just KNEW BMWWU would hate it, but it was what I took and it was all I took. I wasn't negotiating. MDAMO made a request and he generally gets what he wants with little argument from me. They are my polishes, after all. It's not as though I don't like them.

I'll let you take a look and then I'll give you my observations on it. I would preface with letting you know that most, if not all, of these swatches are of a 6 day manicure. It gave up the ghost on day 6. Not bad. Really not bad at all.

OK. You can see the wear and this nail is the one that finally wrecked things. But if you look beyond that, you will see a lovely subdued pearly shade of grey that was really so incredibly wearable. It's not going to set the world on fire, but with a black outfit and pearls this would be both edgy and elegant.

Here you can see the slight shimmer in the bottle. Please ignore what appears to be black specks, that is the flaw in the glass that my camera somehow picked up. What its little lens sees is a complete mystery to me at times. This slight silvery yumminess does not translate as metallic on the nail as I thought it might. It translates as pearl. Not frost! It's not the least bit frosty, I think you can tell that from the nails. It does have an intriguing sheen, however. And you can see where I picked at that flaw and peeled that right off, damaging the top layer of my nail. Perfect example of why you should never pick at your polish!! See that white area? That is damaged nail. Don't do it.

As you can see, for 6 days of wear, this is miraculous, really. Very little tip wear, the thumb is just starting to self-destruct. Great. I love butters. I know some of the other bloggers I've seen, checking out their swatches, haven't had the best of luck with wear. Maybe butter has heard and has improved. This is one of their Summer Secret releases. You know, those three I just stumbled upon while stalking their site.  (Still bitter)

The label shot. Look at that nail, though...flawless, and you can see that pearly sheen.

If that's all the tip wear you get in 6 days? I would have repaired/repainted that nail but I was getting antsy. 6 days is a long time in a nail hound's life. So many colors to try!

Once again, don't mind the black dots, look further up the bottle towards the cap to see the lovely quality this polish has. 

Yeah, I took a ton of pictures of this and deleted about this many as well. I really wanted to be sure I captured this. This swatch does a pretty good job. I'm hiding that bad one because into each talon's life a little chippage will fall and after 6 days, can I say that enough?, I can't hold it against it. With the typing, filing, sorting, dishes, etc, and SUGAR SCRUBS! God, I forgot I've been doing sugar scrubs on my poor abused skin...that stuff isn't great on your nails. Makes your skin silky but isn't easy on polish, just the abrasion! Gads! But this is phenomenal. Good on you, butterLONDON. Look how deep this is. 

The color itself is lovely. It's a milky concrete grey, but there is a lot of green in this as well that just lends it such depth. It's fascinating.

The right hand, just to show how well this did. I didn't baby this, either. There was no touching up, no extra top coats...

Cuticles still nice and tidy, not lifting or peeling up. You can see there was a hint of wear on the ring finger inside corner there...that is where my nails are weakest. I like how each nail looks different in this picture, it shows how this polish adapts and soaks up the light.

Last one. This really shows the green in it. It's really kind of a grey green drab. BMWWU actually loved it, our resident male opinion loved it. I loved wearing it. I did get a little crave for something brighter toward the end of this but I wasn't about to remove it. If it was gonna wear I was gonna let it, and find out how long it could go. Pretty long, as it turns out!

I hope you like it!

Happy Talons!

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