Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My First Sheswai

After the Grey Sloane Ranger, MDAMO wanted Badass. Badass is one of my first two colors from Sheswai. I've already filled you in on how great their service was and I've done as asked and passed on their two spares I received in duplicate. I know the other Fuckyeah, has inspired a couple of friends to get on Sheswai's website and that experience has encouraged more sales, I think. I have done my part!

Badass...did not photograph well. It looks beautiful but it does not look like itself! It came out looking plummy. does have plum in it, but it's brown. A rich dark brown with red shimmer in it and it's really beautiful.

See how it looks plum? It went on beautifully. I was a little worried, vegan polishes, in my experience, are often watery. This was not. Please don't mind the cuticles. I was laying on the floor watching TV and talking to MDAMO on the phone while I was doing this. In the dark. Well, in the light of the TV. It's kind of amazing, actually, that I managed to get any on my nails at all in those circumstances. This is right after I had painted them and is the only new polish shot I have. I'm trying to show you guys wear, here. I think in future I will try to have more balanced swatches, though.

You can see the true color in the bottle, it went on very true to that, but in the camera flash I get plum. Reddish plum. Fail.
It's gorgeous and this, lads, is EIGHT DAYS. Unprecedented. EIGHT. Eight days of filing, typing, dishes, sugar scrub in the shower, hand sanitizer at work! Unreal.

Incredibly pretty bottle and you get a nice little card with your order that explains that the caps come from a local tree farm and are of sustainable wood. Added plus, the wood grain make it a little grippy, though they are very smooth, and they're comfortable to hold. Nice bonus.

You can see I'm showing some tip wear and the thumb is wearing on the edge where my nail is weaker. I could have repaired that but I wanted to see what this would do. This is the back of the bottle, incidentally, and much more color true than my nails are showing it to be.

The label. Yeah, didn't make that name up. Love it!

The red shimmer int he polish is showing up here some. It's very dark, it's a great Winter shade, but you know I pay no attention to that.

Look at how pretty. So much depth here. The dark brown, the plum mixed in, the red's gorgeous. There is also some copper in it, which didn't photograph.

Yet another attempt to capture the brown of this rather than the plum and another epic fail on my part. You can kinda see it, can't you? The brown? I swear this is brown.

And this is the problem that wrecked the manicure. I had picked at that a bit and made it larger but I couldn't get any more off. It was on to stay. The upside is you can see it didn't stain at all.

Now...I kinda messed this up. You can see the cuticles are a nightmare and really I should have cleaned them up, but I was just going to work, a job I hate, and so I kinda wasn't inspired to do anything about it. Like I said, I did this in the dark. It really wasn't the polish's fault. This went on beautifully. Creamy and easy, not watery, easy to manipulate, highly pigmented. Gorgeous. It really didn't need two coats but I think the extra second coat just solidified the color and helped stabilize this. Average dry time, nice brush.

Here's the mechanics:

1 coat Poshe Base Coat (the blue bottle)
1 coat Nailtiques 2 Plus Nail Protein 
2 Coats Seche Rebuild
2 Coats Sheswai Badass
1 coat Poshe Base Coat (the clear bottle)
Yeah. I put Base Coat on again because it was dark in the room and I nabbed the wrong bottle and it wouldn't freaking dry. I couldn't figure out what the problem was. I love my Poshe top coat. It dries like a dream and doesn't seem to cause the brittleness that I find Seche Vite can. Yeah. So then...

1 coat Poshe Fast Dry Top Coat.

Maybe that's why this wore so well. BMWWU claims it's because my nails are so strong, a thing I'll be posting about next, and that's probably true. I think it's also just that it didn't dare chip after all that and also that it is a high quality polish. It's mid-range in price, available through their website, which is fun and informative: Sheswai
Another nice thing, they have a $4 flat rate shipping, in the US at least. Not sure that's worldwide.

I was very pleased with my whole Sheswai experience. Great service, great communication, gorgeous color and fantastic polish. What's not to love!? They have a new fan! After I bought these I got an email alerting me that a color was being marked down and discontinued so I picked that up plus another so expect to see those coming in the future. Maybe not the discontinued one.  You know I won't show you stuff you can't get. They arrived uberfast and in perfect condition. This is going to be a company to watch.

Happy Talons!

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