Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wet n Wild Glowstick

I promise this blog isn't becoming Wet n Wild crazy fan site central. But you have to see this.

Glowstick, from the Fergie collection:

This is one coat. This is, as you can see, a kind of completely wonderful bright and cheerful green that is somehow not completely overwhelming.
Also, you can easily see here that this went on incredibly well. It's even, it's consistent, it's good formula, easy to control.

It has an amazing yellow shimmer to it that makes it so special.

Two coats now. I recommend blowing this picture up so you can really see it. It's not streaky or frosty, but the shimmer in this is so distinct in color and so gorgeous.

Nice clean cuticles, even with the gigantor brush these come with. I kinda like the massive brush. It grabs a lot of polish and if you are careful with it, it does a nice job. It's just ENORMOUS. I didn't take a picture of it, though.

With flash so you can see how this lights up. It glows. Literally! This glows in a black light. It was a really neat effect and if I were still of a club hopping age, I'd be wearing this every weekend. I don't even like green that well, but this has so much light in it. And it's really the color of a glowstick!

Check this out if you don't believe me! Glowsticks Galore at

This is clearly the classic green color but I think it has a little of the yellow mixed in as well. 

I hope you like it! Go pick one up, it's too much fun for $3.49. 

Happy Talons! (How can you help it with this one on your tips?)

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