Monday, September 17, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge Cuprum

Sorry I've been gone. It's just a crazy time. That is not to say I don't have fabulous polishes for you. I do!

Cuprum was one of the latest fan collection polishes. It's listed on Rescue Beauty's site both as available and the no longer available sections. I think what this means is once they're gone they're gone.
So pick one up while you can because it's brilliant.

This is a vibrant blue with a wonderful copper fleck in it...probably in deference to the name? :)

I had a really hard time capturing the fleck...but what I can tell you wherever you see what appears to be very dark or black fleck, as you can see here, is actually a copper rose color. It's subtle and oh so gorgeous.

I just wish that those flakies had played better with the camera. I tried. I really did.

As you can see this is a really vibrant blue. It's shimmery and has tons of color. It's really eye catching.

This is after a week of wear so it performed really well. It's very pigmented, very intense color. It's not for the faint of heart. This stands up and says hello. You can see here, I think, some hint of the copper in it. It's so striking and original.

If you look at the nails, particularly the pinky, you can see some hints of the pink. This is about as in your face as it gets unless it's on your nails and you're staring straight at it. It's not there for show, like a glitter. It's there to add depth and it really does it well.

You can see some of the flakey here. Not the color, especially, but the particles themselves. Pretty cool stuff.

You can also see the minimal amount of tip wear I had. Very good for a full week.

The right hand showing very similar wear. I did have a strange thing happen with the index finger, I have a picture to try to show it. It's not the polish, but just an odd thing that happened.

See how it sort of cracked there? And then the thumb as well. That's the most blatant wear this polish came up with. 

Part of the issue, I know, is that BMWWU somehow forgot the two coats of silk protein we always put on. It's Orly Nail Armor, I know I've mentioned it before. I like it, but it is thick. So this manicure was base coat, lacquer, 2 coats nail armor, 2 coats lacquer and top coat. It was a pretty thick manicure.
Might be what helped it stay on so well, though. However, polish that thick can easily crack if a nail bends or something. Probably what happened, but it was very odd how it didn't peel. It just held tight.

HEY! Check it out! I did actually capture the rosey copper flecks. Didn't realize I got one this good. I suggest clicking to enlarge this so you can really see it. Natural sunlight. If you can get it right it's the best for showing off your polish.

YAY! You can see the flecks here as well. This is what Cuprum can look like in real life. The flecks are there but they're not screaming at you, which I personally like 

Gorgeous color, really amazing. But like I mentioned, I think it's going to be discontinued so if you want it you better snatch it up. I recommend just going straight to the source and ordering from Rescue Beauty. You won't get this stuff on sale anywhere so you might as well do the real thing.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Talons!!

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