Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LA Colors Eye Design30 color Shadow Pallette

As you know, I've been investigating drug store bargains for cruelty free brands that are good performers as well as affordably priced. I like a good variety of color because I'm very mood based. I also communicate a lot through my color. Maybe I'm the only one who knows that my nail polish is called "Fuck off and Dye" but I know it and it gets me through the day. To that end, I like a lot of colors, I like a lot of options, I like to be able to mix and match. While I do love that ease that comes with a pallet of coordinated shades that I can slap on and go, I also love singles that I can mix and match and try myself.

So when I ran into the LA Colors 30 eyeshadow pallet I hesitated. The price was sure right but were they cruelty free?I had seen this brand around on the blogs, had never seen it anywhere. Kind of paid little attention to it. Like I've mentioned, I'm kind of  a diva about these things. I had written almost everything off at the local big box stores as not bunny safe and got on with getting on. **shakes fist at China and their stupid law** Now I'm forced to be more resourceful. I love Chanel, but frankly just cannot afford to wear it all the time.
 So, once you flip the box over...

Aha. Isn't he cute? And he means no bunnies were harmed in the making of this product. At least according to PETA, and in this world of confusing and marketing, we take what we can get.

So for $5...why not? Here is what I got:

Lots of colors that will easily mix and match. You could honestly do anything with any of these, but they are nicely arranged by group if you want to focus on only one color group.

Lovely shimmer...wonder if it goes all the way through.

This is with the lid on. It's just a cheap little plastic case. I wouldn't take this on a plane or anything. It wouldn't survive it, but it's got lots of yummy colors in it.

Ive worn this a couple times. Pallettes like this are so easy when getting ready for work. Everything is there. The colors are pretty but they don't build well. They're very silky which is nice, but not terribly saturated. This is not all bad. If you want a subtle work look this will do it. I don't have swatches because it would take forever to swatch all this. Yeah. I was lazy. But good lord, people. It's $5. If you like it at all, just get it. You can get LA Colors on Cherry Culture. I got this at my local Meijer, which is just starting to probably test market these here. I find their stuff on the end caps. I passed up a set of 8 full size polishes for $5 because the colors were not unique for me. There was one, but I would have had all those others I probably would never have worn. Wasn't worth that, even for the $5. I try to at least spend my money on stuff I'll actually wear.

So...to answer the shimmer question. Nope. That's a surface phenomenon. Not a surprise, I don't think.

I've added carrots to the places you can see the shimmer is gone. It's not that big a deal to me, but I wanted to be sure to point it out so that if it is a big deal to you, you can make an informed choice. I haven't worn most of this. I got some pretty looks from what I've used. I think this is a decent pallet for the money. Cheaper for the amount of color you get compared to even Wet N Wild.

I would say that  if you see this and are wanting a pallette with a lot of color, this isn't bad for the money. Lot of variety, lots of wearability....Is it the best eyeshadow I've ever worn in my life? No. But it stayed on nicely, gave a nice sheer look and was certainly cost effective.

What do you think? Picking this up?

 Happy Talons!

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