Friday, September 7, 2012

Wet n Wild vs Orly

Who isn't looking for ways to save money these days? Bad economy brings on "The Lipstick Phenomenon". When the economy tanks we buy more lipstick. It's a cheap pick me up, or at least relatively speaking. As things get worse this drops off, of course. It's easy to see why. You're not going to keep on buying lipsticks. But if you could get more than one for the same price as a more expensive option, wouldn't you do it?

I've already shown that some Wet n Wilds can get pretty close to their more exclusive counterparts. I have another offering today.

Not exact dupes, you can see that. Close though. Very close. These are Orly Rock Solid, from their MineralFX collection and Wet n Wild Rock n Roll from the Fergie Collection. The Orlys go for $10. The WnW was $3.49. You do the math.

Another bottle shot to try to show just how similar these actually are. The Orly has more black in it, the WnW is more steely. They both have the holo particles and the Fergie has larger glitter. Still...for $7.50, which is lunch if you're frugal....the Wet n Wild starts to look pretty good!

I did swatch these on my nails and it didn't come out so you could see the differences. I thought white paper might be better to really let you see. The Orly, however, washed out some in the light from the flash. It's every bit as sparkly but I guess you have to take my word on it. The glitter in the Fergie took more advantage of the flash while the glass fleck in the Orly subdued. It's just the nature of the ingredients, I'm afraid.

This shows it a bit better. This also shows that while the Orly has more desnse particles in it, the Fergie has a black jelly base to work with, which is where some of it's color comes from. I think it's just a different take on the same idea.

Because of the particles, the chunky glitter in Rock n Roll vs the glass fleck and holo in Rock Solid, you will have different drying textures. The Orly will dry smooth, the WnW won't. End of story. That is a personal choice. Also, the Orly will come off and not leave you looking like a Vegas show girl when you take it off. Just some things to keep in mind. I think the WnW did have more sparkle to it while the Orly was a bit more sedate. If you can use that word in reference to a polish like these. 

They are both beautiful and distinct, and clearly I have them both, but if you only want one the Wet n Wild will get you the look for quite a bit less. You can literally get three Wet n Wild Fergie polishes for the cost of this one Orly. Literally. More if you stick to the regular collections at $2 a piece.

Do what you gotta do.

Hope this was helpful!

Happy Talons!

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