Sunday, September 9, 2012

Zoya Pandora

The name Pandora always makes me think of Samantha's mother from Bewitched. Her name, however, was Endora. Regardless. I always think of that. I don't know why.

Pandora is what I wound up wearing for my most recent interview and it was a good choice. It wore amazingly, which is what this post is about: a review of Zoya Pandora the polish.

This is Pandora one week old. Not bad, right? Some wear but nothing ridiculous. Nothing you'd take the time to repair. It's a pretty pearly pinky neutral, it suits my coloring very well.

You can see the creamy pearly finish here, it really takes the light but it's not overpowering. It's a pretty shade.

There is a slight shimmer, you can see a hint of it here, but overall it's a very subtle color. It's pretty without drawing attention to itself. It's the kind of color that finishes a look.

I can't believe this wore this well for an entire week. I am notoriously hard on my nails, and I have very bad luck with Zoya on the whole. I know that it's a very popular brand and I really love the colors and I have quite a bit of it, but I have never got this kind of wear out of it. Maybe it really is a product of my own nails being stronger, maybe I found the right combination of supporting strengtheners, top and base coats to really make it last. I'm not sure. I was very surprised, though. This went Sunday to Saturday and was still going when I had my manicure.

The right, just so you can see. You can tell this is getting ready to lift and chip here, but it hadn't yet. I think I may have gone over the tips once on this manicure. I believe I did. It's been awhile now. I'm just getting around to blogging it. I've been having a lot of wifi problems so I'm taking advantage while I can. It's up and running right now. May not last!

Zoya Pandora - a very reliable color, good for the office, no matter how conservative, and for interviews. Good wear.

Happy Talons!

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