Thursday, September 6, 2012

Prime your canvas

Every great work of art starts on a blank canvas. There is an entire process to preparing a canvas for paint. It has to be properly stretched on the frame, the canvas itself will be primed with a base coat of white to set a background for the paint. If the canvas isn't primed properly the paint won't adhere and it's colors will be distorted. The canvas is as important as the paint.

BMWWU wanted me to be sure to share her wisdom on this topic because, as she says and I know is true, the most expensive nail polish in the world will not stay on nails that are weak, brittle, peeling, splitting...any of the other problems we can have from diet and environment. But if you have a great canvas, a great nail to start with, the cheapest $0.99 crap off the bargain basement bin will last like a Lippmann.

BMWWU is completely sold on the power of a UV light to stimulate growth and the "bonding of the polypeptides in the nail". I understand this on a chemical level but in the back of my mind I keep hearing my own voice screaming "MELANOMA!!!!" I could not find anything online to back up her belief, though honestly, I confess I was getting distracted by polish pictures. As Gels become more popular the variety increases, obviously. Supply and Demand is as prominent and proven a law of life as are those in the physics that rule our universe. All the same, I could not find anything. Maybe I wasn't looking for the right thing. I DO worry about skin cancer. I'm very fair, I practically reflect light. It's a concern. In my searching, I did find lots of things explaining all about how UV nail lights are the same as tanning bulbs and are, therefore, as dangerous. I worry about these things. I do.

So, while I'm not saying that UV-Nail Strength theory is wrong or unfounded, I am saying I'm not sure I accredit it totally to the new found strength in my nails. I've also been doing some things on my own.

I take a hair and nail vitamin religiously. I personally do not like pills so I have to go with one I can take once a day, I like Rejuvicare Hair and Nail Formula, endorsed by some Kardashian or another. No, the Kardashian endorsement is not what got my attention. I'm never sure what they are famous for but I'm pretty sure it's not their nails. I can only find this online or at Wal-Mart (aka the Evil Empire) but it is a one a day thing and I like that. A one Pill Once a Day Thing. Plus it has Zinc, which is good for immunity and I need that. I think this is playing a role in my nails being strong, as I have been taking it for a good while now pretty faithfully. Biotin is the important part, and it also has Aloe Vera.

Also, I believe that the Seche Rebuild I use as a strengthening base coat is also playing a role. My nails improved on the first use so continued use can only be better, right? I think so, with things like that. Some of that is seeping into the nail and doing some good.

Maybe the increase in the strength in my nails is owing to a combination of these things. I don't know.

I DO know, though, that if you don't care for the nail itself, prepare a good strong canvas, no amount of money will get you a polish that will stay on. As BMWWU described it, put some lacquer on a piece of tile and some of that same lacquer on a piece of paper and put them through a day's use and wear. One will still have color on it. Won't be the paper.

Care for your nail health, get better wear on your manicure. Period.

Happy and Healthy Talons all!

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