Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nars Desperado and a damnable cruelty free lacking

OK...this color was sort of achieving a cult-like status for awhile. I kept seeing the bloggers talking about it. It's one of those unique, odd, strangely fascinating colors that for me, at least, sometimes causes me to say "They really LOVE this?". Actually, I did love it on me. My skin tone does not really lend itself to golds and yellows. It just doesn't. My coloring is much more suited to silvers, steels, greys...and yes. Black. **Currently debating an ill-advised Deborah Lippmann haul...Fade to Black. Might need that. And some of the! Wait for a freebie give away that you don't already have, idiot!!** AUGH! See what it's like in my head? It's exhausting! Back to Desperado...
It's an odd, odd color. It's buffed bronze, but more gold. It's understated, but it has a red glitter in it, if you can spot it. It's neutral, but it's definitely not. Hm. What do you think?

OH, and as Nars has been iffy on animal testing, here is their statement: lower right hand corner
However, they are owned by Shisheido, which I did not know, and Shisheido animal tests. So. My won't see any more Nars on here, I'm afraid. Poo. They have some fun colors and I love some of the makeup. Crap. Well, I can't not boycott Nars if I'm gonna boycott OPI for being owned by Coty.

Gah. Whatever. I took the pics so here's a look at it, in case you're not being as strict on the cruelty free as I am:

I was playing with the settings on the camera on my phone? Didn't this come out better? Yes. If only hooking up my actual camera wasn't going to require building a whole new have no idea. I'm scrupulously neat at work, my desk is always cleaned off. Home? Yeah. You are lucky if you can even find the desk.

Regardless...fairly spectacular color, isn't it? Too bad it's owning company achieved it at another creature's suffering. It's not THAT great. It's an odd burnished gold? I guess? I liked it on me. However, it didn't stand up to dishwashing. Not that I expect my polishes to do fantastically well, but I do expect more than one sink load. What have I been saying? Expensive polishes don't think we do such menial things as dishes. I had done a whole series of pictures on how I repair chips with this polish but now having actually determined the cruelty status I won't be using those. I did redo them with a BB Couture though, so that post is coming. As well as a post on the BBC I was wearing when I did it, which I loved and had many compliments on.

Happy polishing!

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