Tuesday, May 31, 2011

**Shakes Fist at Illamasqua**

Curse you Illamasqua and your stupid release your wild child inner self mantra and your stupid "put this code in and get a free something" coupons! I love/hate you!!!

Yeah. I got nailed again. Actually, the RBL cursing should have been second but I had forgotten that I hadn't posted I had an Illamasqua haul coming. From England. Because I'm a make-up droolie. I also went on a quest for the perfect cobalt/royal blue eyeliner, but that's another fist shaking sequence to be directed at Estee Lauder...however, I digress, and also promise to spare you that one. Though you might get swatches of the eye liners just because. That needs it's own post.

Back to Illamasqua. Yes, those evil Brits sent me an lovely little email about how they had chosen their most faved cult colors and if you spent so many British Pound Sterling that you could get one free! I have no real idea of what the conversion rate is and when it comes to Illamasqua, I could barely care. The stuff is fab. I don't just mean the nail polish, though there are a few in that haul, I mean the make up. Wears all day, builds fantastically, great colors with great names (I amuse myself by creating named looks based on the color names? Because I am that big of a make-up geek. Today it's Sinful Fatal Soul because...those are the colors I'm wearing. Sin, Fatal, Soul. I am a genius. I am the Wile E. of the make-up junkies. You don't need to say it. I already know. **eye rolling**)
Are you still reading this? WHY??? You crazy.

Anyways. Yes. There will be an Illamasqua haul coming. I am trying their lipstick for the first time and adding to the shadow and blush I already have because...well, why the f not. I also hauled a couple off Sephora because Britain was sold out. Say What?? Tis true.

**Gives up fist shaking and just sinks to ground in abject defeat.**

Anyone else jumping on the yellow polish trend? I keep buying them but I've yet to wear any yet. I've been in the running for this promotion and while I wouldn't say Desperado is exactly what you want to wear in an interview, it does say "risk taker" and "confident" without saying "Total fucking loon". I hope. As I thought I would do only phone interviews from here on out only to go to work this morning to "Surprise! Interview in person today!". Oops. And she did note it. Either that or the fabulous citrine ring I was sporting to complement it.

At any rate, I picked up I think two yellow Illamasquas and a yellow RBL....I don't quite know why. I think I like the edginess of them. Hm. If anyone is still with me out there, let me know your thoughts on the yellow trend the Gaga gave us. If I can nail down the job thing I might be trying it soon. I DO have Load from Illamasqua, which I loved. It's a very pale yellowish white. Think of....well, it's aptly named, let me put it that way. **wink wink, nod nod**

Happy polishing!

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