Sunday, June 19, 2011

Currently Sporting: Manglaze Hot Mess

This is a shout out to The German!

I have a friend from Germany. We have been friends for many years. He teases me mercilessly about some of my more girly habits, as I can frequently talk intelligently to him about things like cars and whatnot, I suspect. I told him I was writing a blog and he asked for, nay demanded, the address so he could read it. I told him I didn't know why he would, it's about nail polish. But I texted him enough so he could find it and he wrote back that he would check it out as he had yet to settle on a brand of his very own, but would try to look at this after his spa treatment and yoga class. :|

YES! I know you might be reading this!! And I recommend you just google "Nail blog" and see what all comes up, Mr. Smartyman!
So. I told him that in his honor the next polish I would put on myself would be a man oriented color. What better than Manglaze? I'd never worn it before though I think I pretty much picked up the whole collection in one order, because it is awesome. Like that cat? Seen that pic? Google "have you seen this cat". You should get lots-o-linkies to check him out.

Behold the matte awesomeness that is Hot Mess:

It is so sparkly that it doesn't look matte.

I have never really worn matte polish. I'm not a huge fan of that look, or so I thought until I saw this. So I worried about wear. It dried like, now. I had read that mattes dry super fast but I wasn't expecting instantaneous. This went on beautifully. With the amount of sparkle in here, you'd have expected drag. I would have and did. I didn't get any. I was happily disappointed in that. I got no drag, no need to just went on right like this.

With the matte finish, I was afraid it would slide right off. Partly because it went over Seche Vite top coat. I will explain that in a sec. I need to explain several things all at once. I was scared of the matte finish sticking to something as shiny and slick as a Seche Vite top coat plus, I was curious as to what a top coat would do to this. I did really love this matte. The way I've described it is "new bullet". The pictures sparkly it up, but it had a brushed silver feel to it. The base of it is clear, I believe, but the sparkly is so micro and so dense that it is irrelevant. Hot Mess, indeed.

I didn't get a picture of the Seche Vite over top for a couple of days so I want to draw your attention to the tips. Please check those out as you peruse this pic, my little friend from Hamburg. You can work on your babe getter in this stuff. ;)

See that tip wear? Yeah. I DON'T SEE ANY, EITHER! There isn't any. I did this...the night of the 15th. Both BMWWU and I are sick so we cancelled my mani, which will be named later. Hopefully not two weeks at my next regularly scheduled...I can't take these claws that long. Regardless, I had done this to them to get them through Wednesday at work without breakage. The Nubar was disintegrating, which after all the cleaning and dishes it did, I can see it. It wasn't worth slapping on color for one day. So I did this:

1 coat Seche base coat
1 coat Nailtiques 2
2 coats Seche Rebuild
1 coat Seche Vite top coat

That made it all day. I have got to where I can't tolerate myself in bare nails. It's just...blah. If you're reading this, you might understand. So, I had promised The German that I would put on some "MAN POLISH" so this wouldn't be so estrogen driven he goes into early emotion swapping and starts crying at Hallmark commercials. Or that tire one with the little baby? Yeah. So I chose this because...well, Fuggen Ugly would have just been too dark on nails this long. As we know, I was worried about wear. This manicure then became these steps added on:

2 coats Manglaze Hot Mess
1 coat Seche Vite top coat.

They look like this now:

Yep. Exactly the same. Note the freaking awesome bottle label. This is a brand to watch. Great edge, great concept, great colors and great names. Also to be noted, the complete lack of tip wear. I just took this pic about 5 minutes ago (after hitting iTunes to search for more Mountain Goat awesomeness. Made a purchase. It's downloading. If you like indie mainly accoustic with lots of smart lyrics, check them out.)

So either I have accidentally stumbled upon the chocolate chip cookie of the nail world, which would be to put Seche Vite top coat on, then color, then Seche Vite again, or this stuff wears like iron. Not entirely sure, to be honest. I have done some dishes, cleaned part of the bathroom...these have done some work, not to mention survived two days at the nail killer job, done shopping and typed about 5 blog posts and numerous text messages on a Crackberry. Hm. Makes one wonder, does it not?

As an added perk, it is so Studio 54, Disco Granny, mirrored ball, strobe light bright and arresting, people look askance at you when you reach for stuff. I love it. They look almost as if the glare from it is hurting their eyes. Yessssss. :D I have been told "Yes, I see you're sporting...silver today. Ummmm" HA HA HA! Possibly it is because I have only just learned in my early stages of middle age, that I do not have to apologize, but I adore simply smiling at people when they disapprove. It makes me all kinds of sadistically happy.
Don't let that put you off this really is gorgeous, as I think you can see.

So, Mr. Smartyman German Yoga doing spa attending sarcastic pants! This is a polish for you. About the color of the chromes you were secretly hoping to put on Siggie the babe magnet.

**muah, muah** You know I love ya, baby.

Love Manglaze Hot Mess, too!

Happy Polishing!

PS: Looking at that nails are SO LONG. Ugh. Don't like it!

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