Sunday, June 19, 2011

Haul Pics

Awhile ago I mentioned that I had succumbed to Rescue Beauty Lounge bringing back classic lacquers.

I had also made a huge haul from Apothica and Sephora and Illamasqua...because I have no self control. It's sad really.

What had happened was my friend who is a make-up artist with Estee Lauder, had done this really gorgeous eye on me. I had waited because I'm trying to pay things down and didn't get it. Because they were trend colors and I'm stupid. The eyeliner was a gorgeous royal blue. Daring, even. I loved it. I didn't buy it and it was shipped back to Lauder, as they do with trend stuff that doesn't sell. I went on a little mission that I WILL find a royal blue eyeliner as wonderful as that because those fascists at Lauder took it away.

The irony that I could have bought the one eye liner and not 5 of them is not lost on me. On the bright side, I got some gorgeous new stuff. On the downside, I'm further in debt. Well...I'm trying to behave. For right now that will have to be good enough.

Here's some pics:

RBL haul 1...The red box is the nail treatment set. Isn't that lovely? Here's another:

And lastly the colors themselves:

Now where are the pics of the larger haul....Hm

Did I, or did I not, tell you I was bad. BAD.

Wow. Those two yellows look really different in the pic. I honestly didn't look at them side by side, I confess. There's some Stila in there, some Urban Decay...If you haven't tried the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners yet, do it! They're awesome. I was testing colors at Ulta and couldn't get them off my hand, not even with hand sanitizer. It took some Lauder make up remover to get that off. And the colors are To. Die. For. That is Deviant you see in the picture and it's gorgeous.
Yes. I was bad. Bad.

I think that Stila Barbie blue in the upper right corner of the pic may well be the winner in the contest, but honestly between work and family stress paired with illness, I haven't even tried to duplicate the look.

Damn These Vampires by The Mountain Goats just came on my iTunes...."Crawl til dawn, on my hands and knees. God damn these bite marks, deep in my arteries...". Great stuff. I love the emo rage!


Happy Polishing!

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