Thursday, June 16, 2011

BB Couture Ode to a Ladybug

BB Couture Ode to a Lady Bug is a gorgeous sparkly coral. It's a great Spring color. I received many a compliment on it. It was sort of mesmerizing. I find that BB Couture does sparkle really really well. This manicure took a severe beating and I will be using pics of this to show you how I repair chips.

I think this is the kind of coral that most of us can wear. It is on the orange side, but it's not aggressive about it. The sparkle is also not aggressive. You can easily get away with this at work. I did. We get away with a lot in the way of nail color at my job, so use your best judgment. Compared to some of what I show you on here? It's tame. But so pretty.

Without further ado:

 See? The sparkle is subtle. This is SO pretty. Let's see if sparkle shows up on the next swatch:

 There you can see some! This is really a gorgeous color. I didn't apply it because we put it on at my regular mani, so TBMWWU will have to tell you how it behaved. Unfortunately, wear was a problem. I did abuse my nails pretty thoroughly for this mani. I did a lot of dishes, I broke a was a rough week.

And it really only got worse as we went:

 This is actually a repair pic, but you can see what's happened on the right hand. Ugh. This mani did last about a week before we got to this point. 

All the same, here is how the mani went

2 coats Fiberglass Network (Don't know about it's cruelty free status, it's what BMWWU uses, she doesn't worry about the critters)

2 coats BB Couture Ode to a Lady Bug

1 coat Poshe base coat (blue bottle)
1 coat Poshe top coat (clear bottle)

Overall, this is a great Spring/Summer happy pick-me-up kind of  a color. It's a dazzler of a polish. I recommend picking it up! I actually recommend the whole collection, I just haven't reviewed it yet. ;)

Happy Polishing!

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