Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Technical Difficulties. Again.

Do other bloggers have these stupid issues?

So I finally get the internet thing resolved with the encouragement of MDAMO.



Not encouragement exactly. He took this Taurus by the horns, did the initial contact with a new ISP and got info where I wouldn't have. And he was right. This is much better. Equal speed, NO CAP! I can download and upload all day long, and after they hooked it up, I did. For about 4 days. I had a lot of stuff waiting on itunes, what can I tell ya? I'm a sucker for those free digital movie copies.

So I no longer have to worry about using my internet all up. So what's the problem now, you might ask?

Can't get my swatches to upload.


I spent all day, and I mean ALL. DAY. Friday swatching. I mean...I swatched like no one has swatched before. Or at least, not as I have. I swatched until I couldn't stomach trying one more polish. I haven't painted my nails in days I got so sick of it. I know, right? I'm bewildered myself.

Get to the point, you say? Shut up and show  us some polish? I get that. I do.

The point is, I can't get them to upload. I'm fairly tech savvy, right? But I keep getting error messages. I could bawl.

I will get it. I will. Just bear with me because I have some great stuff and I tried some new and hopefully less boring stuff with the swatches...now if I could just show them to you. ARG!

I have some good news to share, though!

Though I am mourning my puppy and I miss her terribly and I wander around aimlessly because time I would normally spend with her is now empty, I had to start the puppy search again. If you have dogs, love dogs...you understand this. We dog people are simply lost without them. I work in a dog friendly environment, we had three in there today. It makes it worse.

So as you probably recognized, she was on the exotic side. Pekingese are far from eponymous. They're downright tough to find. I knew I had to dust myself off and start looking. After fruitlessly contacting several breeders (and being ignored by one Chow Chow breeder as well...I did want another Chow.) one who was advertising puppies contacted me back immediately. She turned out to be a sweet and clearly smart person who let me sell myself as a home rather than trying to sell me a dog. She offered pictures of the parents and her other baby, and has generally been wonderful. So at the end of May I will have a new little angel in my life. I'm struggling with the name thing right now. We are buying two of the puppies, half sisters from the same father, born a week apart. They are being hand raised, handled by kids, and loved. Unfortunately, they are three hours away.

I will always love and miss my Molly. Nothing will ever change that. My love for Molly didn't lessen my love for Lydia, my love for my Bubba was different all together, too. Little black and white puppy (name will be announced when I know what fits her) will be different in my life again. I'm still struggling with "replacement guilt", if you can't tell. But I haven't stopped smiling since the deal was made. I suppose it's a part of healing. As my good friend Cindy told me the day my Molly left us, you have to get another to honor the one you lost. I am hoping this will time well, that I will be doing a little better by the time little BnW comes home. Experience has taught me, especially with more exotic breeds, you can't hesitate when you find them. You have to snatch them up. Many times I have lamented that we're not Labrador people. Those are everywhere. Oh no. Not us. We have to have English Bulldogs or Chow Chows or Pekingese. No Cockers for us. Nothing on the top ten list of popular dogs. (At least not in most years.) This has it's pros and cons as you know or can imagine.

She's so darn cute. I put their face pictures on my work computer and now get little done. But I smile a lot! Even the crappy gospel/country/pop fusion "music" at work didn't darken my mood for long and that shit makes me homicidal. It's just bad. I mean...it's bad. I suspect it violates the Geneva convention. I need to find out.

So I will return. I have a day off this weekend, maybe I can work on it. I'm gone tomorrow night...yeah, it will be a day or two.

I hope you are doing some good colors while I kick the computer a few times and moon over BnW. I'd show you pics but I didn't take them and that wouldn't be cool. When she's mine I'm sure she'll be everywhere!

Happy Talons!

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