Tuesday, May 7, 2013


After some doing, I got the pictures loaded to my computer, I have a ton of swatches for you, now I just need to get writing!

First up I have an oldie. But a goody. A moody polish that is perfect for those days you want something edgy, or for when you are just plain upset and can't stand a bright color. And that's the state I was in when I chose this. A bright color just wasn't going to work for me.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Stormy is one of those been around forever colors that Ji keeps in her repertoire and I'm glad she does. At some times in life, this is just the color you want, need, suits...I don't have a lot of pictures of it, though. I don't think if you're in the mood for Stormy that you're in the mood for swatching.

This is with flash and it's not at all color accurate, but it does show the underpinnings of the color and that's why I kept it. You can see the blue here. The next two pictures are more color accurate, but I wanted to show the kind of workings of the color. I'm not sure how to describe what I'm trying to say!

This is much more color accurate. You can see how in this lighting the color subdues, quiets. This is a really nice rich color. It's appropriate for anything, but there is something different in it. It's a color that will change a tone without your quite understanding why. I dare say I think there is something kind of unhappy in it. Maybe it's my projecting the feelings I had while wearing it into the color, but I think it's still a little true. I really like this, but you're not probably going to choose it for a Summer day.

Me with my nippers trying to show the kind of steeliness to the color. It's not a metallic, it's a straight cream, but it has that feel to it. Like a dark stormy sky. Hence the name, I'm sure. **facepalm**

This wore really quite well and it applied beautifully, of course. It's an RBL! I expect nothing less from this company. Rescue Beauty's are always quality.

I hope you like it! Sorry I didn't take more swatches. I don't know, I just was unmotivated for awhile.

Happier Talons!

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