Saturday, April 20, 2013

Illamasqua I'mPerfection - I promise. I will finish these. But not on this post because I'm too busy rattling on about random stuff.

I know. I've been gone again. I did get a post up last week! My puppy has finally gone to the green field. I miss her so much. As a family it has been decided that we will be keeping an eye out for both another Peke and a Chow, which I used to have. I miss her too. Ideally we can find them about the same time and they can grow up to be buddies. I contacted a breeder today to see where she is, I hope she writes me back. I am still mourning.

But I haven't forgot you, or the blog, though I've had some slip-ups. I kinda...broke my own rule and bought some OPIs. I just did. If it's any consolation I got them off Evilbay so in a sense, OPI gets none of that money, but I know that's feeble and lame. See? I'm kind of a Bond fanatic. I love James Bond, have loved them forever, and I know among my friends I'm not alone in this. And it's not just the delectable Daniel Craig and his blue blue eyes or his shoulders that go on for miles. It's the cars. I admit it. I LOVE those cars. And I love he doesn't wear a Rolex, or at least not any more. He wears an Omega, which I personally wear, and that's very cool. And the cars. And I confess, I wanted to be a Bond girl. I didn't grow up to be sexy or beautiful enough. Smart, maybe, but I'm not really Bond girl material. Maybe like...the Gemma Arterton character in Skyfall, which, considering I can't remember her name from the movie pretty much tells you what you need to know. While I was in my mourning phase nail polish splurgeapalooza, I also picked up a really cute magnet from some outfit in Britain that says "Keep Calm and Dream of a DB5" which is the ultimate Bond-mobile AND my personal dream car. (Rocket launchers optional) So I kinda ordered the Bond Girl collection. And the 007 Skyfall set, and the magnetics. (Sorry I didn't share that with you MDAMO, I was embarrassed!) I do not know what I think of this liquid sand idea, but I'm going to give it a shot.

It also occurs to me that OF COURSE Chanel is marketing in China. Derrrr....though, you know, I have read so much conflicting information on what is actually tested on animals there and what isn't I've kind of lifted my "Marketing in China" embargo. It's too confusing. So I'm back on Lauder and Chanel for that reason. Maybe "too confusing" isn't really good enough of a reason, but it's all I have. I've been struggling with my guidelines for a little while now. Not because I just want the pretty new things, but because I can't keep it straight. I do my best. Most of my makeup these days is Illamasqua, which THANKS Royal Mail! Is now pretty expensive to ship from Britain, but I'll pay it because Sephora makes me a little crazy, they sell out of the new stuff too fast and they don't carry everything.

Which leads me to my next thing! Illamasqua has another Sephora exclusive nail lacquer out there. I saw a comparison on to Illamasqua's Obsess so you might check that out. She did a nice job showing them over there. It kind of makes me bonkers when they do this because Sephora sells out and then it's a game to get a hold of it. However Superstition (kinda forgot to tell you that, the name of it is Superstition) is still in stock. Then I found, also from the Polish Hound, that I had missed two Illamasqua releases (Harem and Venous) so I have those on the way. With an eye shadow pallette and a free highlighter. Because, you know, I shop when I'm unhappy! Don't Judge!

By the way, really recommend Illamasqua's new flat blush brush and bronzer blush duos. I'm sold on Illamasqua brushes now. Cruelty free and as soft as kitten hair. But more manageable.

While I was bawling and ordering colors, I discovered a bunch of stuff. I wanted to let you know that the new Rescue Beauty Lounge collection is now out of pre-order and will be available to the public shortly. Don't know exactly when. I've advised you and advised you to get your freaking butts on there and get signed up for notifications. She doesn't spam you and you'll be glad you did it. Then Deborah Lippmann has released her Summer collection, all Mermaid inspired. If you liked Mermaid's Tail then this is right up your alley. Did I blog that? Hm. No matter, the collection is pretty and fascinating. Also, butterLondon has released THEIR Summer colors, also gorgeous and beach inspired.
If you're into the Earth Day thing, Sheswai and Zoya both have specials going on.


Well, I was going to do the next I'mPerfection lacquer but now this is too long. I won't wait two days to post it like usual.

Then I have a Cirque coming up for you, totally sold on Cirque now like every other blogger out there, and then I'm caught up on swatches. For the past few manicures I haven't swatched because I've been too sad and depressed. My nails is nekkid now so I am trying to decide what to wear. I've been through the Illamasqua's....nothing's grabbing me. I don't know. Maybe a butter. My last couple of manicures have been greys because that was my mood. It's still pretty grey, actually.

And does anyone know what I did with my bottle of Throb? Has to be here somewhere...

If you made it this far through my stream of consciousness, Happy Talons!

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