Saturday, April 27, 2013

Cirque - Epoch Duochromey goodness in a little square bottle

I had been perusing the blogs and seeing Cirque everywhere. It's a cult favorite or something. I had resisted because honestly...I collect too many brands already. Though as ModelsOwn hasn't been able to permanently resolve their international shipping issues yet, this is a good fix for something unique. And unique these are. I got I think 4 when I ordered, I am a hog for free shipping. I went straight to the helpful "Duochrome" linky on the website because I'm a duochrome whore. I admit it freely.
I wanted duochromes and duochromes I got.

MDAMO actually chose this one, it's been quite awhile, actually. I slacked for awhile there. I hope to be over that. Blogging is a good distraction, though I still miss my dog terribly. It's amazing what a place they carve out of your heart. They carve it right out and nestle in there for a long nap. It's a painful loss when that leave that niche.

Epoch is a blue-green-purple flashing bit of niceness. There are all pre-mani, showing the wear. Which was good. This wore a good week. I think I repaired it once but I broke my nail.

Yes, the color on my nails and the color in the bottle are the same. Amazing, huh? I'll show you a good pic of this later.

These always appear to me to have a black base but I'm not sure that's really true. It sometimes looks as if it's just tiny particles suspended in there and they're lending their color to the base, but I'm not honestly sure. I don't see how a black base could do this justice, but I could be wrong. But I sense an optical illusion. Regardless, this is a stunner.

Tilt the bottle, get a different view. Same with your nails. This is one of those that will cause you to wreck your car because you're staring at it and not the road.

Ooo. Look at that. There is some seriously gorgeous duochrome happening here. Look at that pinky!

Look at that! SQUEEEE!!!! This is a but blurry because it's a blow up of the previous picture.Who cares, you can see what you need to see here. That's completely amazing.

Here you can see that blackened quality and the teal. It's like a whole coordinated box of crayons in there. Silver, as's incredible.

I love how it looks different on every nail just because of where they are in relation to the light and the angle of the camera. It's pretty sweet.

These aren't cheap, they're on the pricier side, but honestly, look at that. It's worth it!

Happy Talons!


  1. Epoch is probably in my top ten duochromes ever! I'm so glad you tried Cirque- I <3 them!

    Thanks for all of the Illamasqua info! I'm definitely going to try out some of their blushes at some point!

  2. I was really impressed with Cirque! Wore really well and it was stunning. I also had great service from them, which I neglected to mention.

    You are so welcome! I hope it wasn't too much! LOL The cream blushes are nice too, if you like those. Really intense might want to try those out on a weekend or you know, not 2 minutes before you have to leave for work...yep, made that mistake more than once. I just ordered a new eye pallet from them...I didn't go for the Paranormal one, those are difficult colors. I'll wait for a sale. I'm so freaking ghostly pale, I was afraid they'd be too strong, but I am intrigued by the texture.

    I can't seem to get my pictures to upload. Ugh...writing a "technical difficulties" post now. **groan**