Thursday, April 25, 2013

Illamasqua I'mPerfection - Speckle - My Favorite!

Speckle is my favorite. Because purple is one of my most favorite colors? Possibly. I'm not sure it's that. Maybe it's this particular shade of purple that just makes me squeee. Not entirely sure I can articulate it.

One coat as a sheer. You can do it.

This is two coats. Two blurry coats. Note to self, when the swatching isn't working, just paint the nails and move on. You'll live to swatch another day.

Not a great bottle shot but a nice one of the nails. This is two coats again, which is really all you need, though you can do more if you want to build up more glitters. That will work because it seems to take a lot to completely obscure the lower layers of glitter underneath.
I just love this color. It's sort of vibrant but not..still kind of a dusty color. I love it a lot.

This is the only one that had a little glitter sticking off, I think! That's easily fixed with an orange stick. I love how this looks, it's so unique and interesting and the color is so gorgeous. I'm in love with this color.

Finally a good one. You can really see what this looks like that it has texture and could probably use another coat, actually. It would even it out a little more, but this isn't bad. It has some roughness, I would put a thick top coat on it because that's what I like, but you do what you're happiest with.
The pigments are really saturated in this, it's just amazingly pretty. I'd wear this purple without the interesting glitter look. I really would.

That's the last of these, finally. I'm so sorry it took me so long. I hope you are planning to pick some of these up.

Happy Talons!

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