Sunday, April 21, 2013

Illamasqua I'mPerfection - for real this time. Freckle

Freckle is one of the colors I was really fascinated by in this collection. I'm not sure why. It's a dark beige/tan with the collection's signature black hex and mini black glitters. And as you will see, it kind of gave me lobster paws. Still, it's interesting. 

I had the worst time swatching these. please forgive the kind of crappy swatches. I just couldn't get stuff to work out.

This is Freckle...just as I described it. But it's sort of interesting, don't you think?

K, see what I mean? Really just not great! But the color is good.No, still not my favorite of these, but it's pretty and if you want to confuse people, this is a good one for it. I think we expect blues and greens to be a little out there, or a lot of people do. I don't think the black glitter is as much of a surprise in those. In a neutral/nude? It's unexpected. I'm glad they added this to the colors.

Finally a good swatch. You guys don't know how many I pitched. A few, to say the least. You can see that this is going to have an unavoidably lumpy texture, but really, it's not bad. I like it glass smooth so I recommend a thicker top coat but if that doesn't bother you then you can just seal it up with any top coat and go.

Also, I didn't do anything to this to arrange those glitters. The formula is so perfect. It goes on nicely, the glitters disperse themselves and don't clump up and there isn't a lot of clean up. If you check those cuticles, they're really clean, that's the application, not my cleaning up afterward. So nicely done.

Last one on this. These are really pretty color true, so I'm pleased with that. You can see it makes me a little red. It's OK. I can live with it.

I like these a lot. There are a few more to go, too!
Plus, interestingly enough, Deborah Lippmann put out something very similar. 3 shades of similar colors. They're not dupes, they're not even suspected of being, but they are bright colors with black glitters. Who is spying on whom, don't you wonder??  I have them, I haven't tried them yet.


Happy Talons!

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