Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Really Fun Halloween Manicure

When consulting about what to put on next I suggested to MDAMO that he keep in mind that it's Halloween. I love Halloween. I do. I love the idea of the spirits coming back to have one hell of a bash once a year. I love the pumpkins and the black cats. I just wish I could find that Ouija board necklace to mess with the people at work who would probably crank up the gospel and form a prayer circle to save my damned immortal soul. **massive eye rolling**

I might know where it is....

MDAMO said what kind of oranges do you have? I want ORANGE. I want PUMPKIN ORANGE. I don't look good in orange. I have a few, but with my red hair it is generally going to clash with me all the way around. I ran a few in front of him but he wanted pumpkin. Well, poo. Then I had an epiphany. That sparkly thing from the Wet n Wild collection last year. But could you still get it? He looked around on line and found some sellers that were not on evilbay. So this is still out there. And while it's fantastic for Halloween, it's not so Halloweeny that you can't wear it other times if the mood takes you. It's really fun.

I give you Creepy Pumpkin!

Really really orange with a yellow gold sparkle in it. What is not to love? And that pumpkin face is a sticker from Kiss, which I got on sale at Walgreen's. Limited edition! OOO...AHHH!
I enjoyed that sticker a ridiculous amount. I really did.

I'm kind of trying to hide him because one of his eyes came off. Creepier. These were taking in pretty much natural sunlight through the window, incidentally. It glows!

This wore incredibly well. This is the tip wear after about 5 days. Really great. For a really bargain, not meant to be worn for more than a few days polish it's amazing.

The right hand, every bit as good.I just love the sparkle in this, it looks like you could dive into it and be surrounded by it, like an orange starry sky! I know that's cheesy, but look at it! It's really wonderful.

The right hand differently.

One bottle shot. These are the ones that come in little bottles shaped like tombstones. Love it.

I didn't take a real shot of the front because my lid is all cockeyed.

Here are the stickers in their packages. Tons of fun stuff. They just stick on your finished nail and then you top coat over them. Really fun and they can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. I just thought it was really fun for the holiday.

Some other ones. I may put one on what I'm wearing now yet!

Halloween polishes are some of the most fun that come out all year, I think. It's like the polish companies can do whatever they want, be as strange or as bright as they wish and we love it. At least I do. I adore Halloween polishes. I look forward to them!

I hope you like them, too!

Happy Talons!

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