Friday, October 19, 2012

Catherine Arley - 807

Maybe you were wondering, maybe not, but maybe you were, which gold I wore to commemorate James Bond. It was Catherine Arley 807, which was the holo one, if you remember from last post.

Catherine Arley is a Turkish brand of nail polish that is most easily purchased through a Bulgarian website. I guess it was all the rage some time ago on the beauty blogs and I somehow missed it. I was not reading the right blogs, I guess. I came across it in my travels and at about $2.75 per bottle plus shipping (which amounted to about $5 a bottle total) I picked up all the holos that were still available. The price was sure right. And worth it, as it turned out.

Here is a shot of it after I had just applied it:

LOTS of holo goodness. The bummer being that you don't see this in regular lighting. A little...nothing like this level of mesmerizing.

You can see there are nice neat cuticles here, this was easy to apply. The only problem I had with it was some drag. I would give this some time between coats, maybe wait for almost total dryness between coats because it wanted to pull the previous coat down with it. Nothing a little patience wouldn't resolve.

This did eventually tip wear. Eventually. It wore for about 6 days with no problems. Very good wear. To note: the pinkie nail here is more like what this will look like in everyday lighting. It's a little more pale than this is coming up, but it's more shimmery metallic than holo.

When it finally did wear it did it in style.

Dang. Well, it happens. This is why we have so many colors. So when we have to change them we can REALLY change them!

Last shot of this. I didn't take a lot of swatches of it for some reason. I really wanted a sunlight picture but the weather was not going to have any of that. 

I think this gives you a good idea, though. Picture this color with less holo...that's what you're really going to get. It seemed no matter what I did with the lighting it came to the fore. It's in there, but it's not obvious. In a more conservative office, this might be just what you are looking for. 

I really liked this polish. Good price, good wear, good color...I have more, like I said, but I may go back and check the other colors out, see what else they have to offer. The website is a bit odd. Go prepared with the polish numbers you are interested in because it won't give you swatches to look at. Also, it only offers a COD option to pay. Just ignore that, email them and ask to have your invoice sent to you through Paypal. Worked like a dream and they were very sweet. It did take a solid month for these to arrive. Shipping isn't quick from Bulgaria, evidently. 
But I do think it's amazingly cool, this global market idea. Turkish polish sent to my fair hamlet from Bulgaria. It's just fun, don't you think? And they all arrived wrapped in bubble pack and stuck into polish shipping boxes. I had read that some were arriving broken. I think they must have listened and tried to fix that issue because mine arrived well wrapped and perfect. 

Definitely one to check out if you haven't already. 

I hope you like this one!

Happy Talons!

**waves at MDAMO**