Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween - What I wore

I know. A tad late. My life is complicated. My job sucks my will to live like some sort of existential Hoover, then I come home and work some more. I want to post, I still love my polish, but I'm broke all the time (which doesn't seem to preclude my getting broker by purchasing yet more happy colors. I went on a wee spree yesterday...Illamasqua has their Christmas stuff starting, butterLONDON has a sale coming up! They asked us to spread the news!, and Deborah Lippmann had some stuff in stock I've had my eye on. Lots of posts to come, I guess.) and so often...I just want to lay on the floor and be a bum. I can't help it. I'm exhausted all the time. Having a life sucking Hoover surrounding you 8.5 hours a day is no way to be energetic.

So, to move on.

I love Halloween polishes. I am operating off the advert which said that Fright Night polishes for Halloween are made by the people who make Wet n Wild, which means they are cruelty free. I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to verify this. If anyone knows, please let me know. Regardless, I am posting this with the best of intentions. And the caveat that I got these ridiculously cheap so if I did just support animal testing it was both unintentional and not exactly a huge donation to the lab coat fund.

I got these right before my mani. I woke up at some ridiculously early hour and decided to try to go and get errands run before hand, since I was up, and then I could come home and crash in preparation for working Sunday, which just sucks ass. I can't even lie. It's so pointless for me to be there.

Not talking about work!

BMWWU chose this one. It IS pretty sharp. I understand from snooping about the cruelty free issue, that I missed two of these. I may try to track them down. They're too fun.

I give you Toxic:

How much do you love the little coffin shaped bottle? I have read some complaints about the DOES come off. I don't know if they didn't try it or what, but that top comes off like a Chanel or butterLONDON and makes this a lot easier to use. Also, since these are basically bargain polishes, you can bet kids have played in them and often the caps are cockeyed. You can fix that.
This is an emerald green with a very slight shimmer to it. You can kind of see it here. I also had fun with some more stickers. I enjoyed those. I will have to see what's out and about for Christmas.

A blinding shot with flash, but it does serve. You can now see the shimmer in this. It's really very pretty. I don't have anything that is quite this pure of a grass/emerald green.

 Kind of regular lamp light, so this is pretty much how this will look for you most of the time. Very pretty and so much fun. The stickers are fun, but the moon wouldn't lie against my nail and was sharp. As a result, this didn't make it past Halloween, but that's OK.

The label. I was lucky this one had one! Mostly they don't. They've fallen off or whatever.

Just in case you were is something identical you can take a look at if you want to know the true color in real life. Yep. I admit, that was sort of a weird let down!

I hope you had a fun Halloween! I kinda just did my nails, but that is fun for me as well.

Happy Talons!

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