Sunday, October 7, 2012

BB Couture Fairy Blood

Ooo. Wow. Yeah, it's been a long time since I posted last. I apologize. Real Life has just sort of got away from me a little. I do have some pretty stuff to show you this week, plus a brand that is new to me but is doing really well. So good stuff coming!

First up! I wanted sparkly and bright and red was the thing for my mood when I did this mani. BMWWU did this one and it shows. It's so pretty.

Fairy Blood is an older BB Couture, this one has been out a couple years now. It's a red jelly with red micro glitter. What the jelly finish does is allow that glitter to really sparkly without subduing it. It makes it look lit with tiny red fire flies!

This was the day of my manicure in natural light in my car. So...natural light through the really dirty window of an older Malibu. You can see the glitter particles beautifully as well as what is meant when you read "jelly". See how it looks kinda clear but it's not sheer? Just like strawberry jelly! Or jam, really...there's no seeds. :)

I was really kind of mesmerized by this. It's very pretty and it has such an interesting quality to it. It color shifts in the light. This picture shows that really well. Each nail appears to be a different shade of red.

The last day of picture. I was trying to capture the lights in this polish, which I think this does pretty well. The glitter doesn't smack you in the face, which I kind of like. I like most glitters...the chunky ones are so hard to get off that they ruin my enjoyment, to be perfectly honest. But these...just a little soak on a cotton and they're mostly off. Plus they are smooth, which I appreciate.

Unfortunately, I didn't get my typical BB Couture wear from this one. I don't know what happened, really, it was weird.

Gah, tip wear! And the index finger...that's not cracked, that's where the top coat peeled off the lacquer. Wha-huh? Check how the thumb polish is separating from the nail. I can't remember what BMWWU's mechanics for this were, but...I think it didn't work too well with this particular polish.

The label shot. You can really see the blue in this polish here. It's a very blue red but it never veers into purplish/berry territory.

Here's a close up of the weirdness with the top coat. I wanted to be sure you saw that it wasn't the BB Couture that cracked or anything. That didn't happen.

ARG. Yeah. Here's the right hand. It...just didn't make it. And it's not like I was doing a lot of dishes or anything. I wasn't. Nothing like normal. I don't know. I can't explain this. It's sure out of character for this label.

Maybe mine is just old! Or maybe it was the underpinnings of the manicure that gave out. Any number of things can cause this. It happened fast, too. Maybe 4 days? Maybe 5? Which...that isn't terrible. I can live with it.

And the name rocks. Even if it is a tad creepy.

Like it? It's a solid red so if you're looking for one that isn't a straight up cream, this could be your baby.

Happy Talons!

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