Monday, October 15, 2012


Yeah...I was raised on James Bond. My father was always a big fan. It's watching those movies with him that I learned I wanted to be either Bambi or Thumper, I wasn't specific, and that the Aston Martin HAS to be the coolest car in the world.
Though I am somewhat happy that the new Bond wears an Omega rather than a Rolex. I like that Omega isn't as...Rolex as Rolex. I personally rock an Omega, so....

If you read the same article as me about the anniversary of James, though it is a week late, and I do apologize for that, but all the same. You know one way to celebrate the man, the myth, the martini is to be fearless in a gold manicure. so I am here to give you some gold options that are available out there and you can easily get, and hopefully I've found something for every skin tone.

Just please keep in mind that I don't actually look good in gold. I don't look BAD in it. I just don't look good in it.

These are from left to right: A-England Holy Grail, butterLONDON The Full Monty, Cherimoya Boo 2012 Collection Gold Glitz, Deborah Lippmann Nefertiti and on the thumb China Glaze Champagne Bubbles from the 2011 Christmas collection.

I did check on these and they are all available online, incidentally. And each nail is two coats on a bare nail, no prep or anything.

There is a better picture of the China Glaze coming up. I recognize, of course, that you can't really see it here.

Here they are again, reverse order: Nefertiti, Gold Glitz, The Full Monty and Holy Grail. As you can see...all gold, all distinct.

China Glaze Champagne Bubbles. It is gold shimmer with a gold glitter. It's prettier in real life, the flash and lighting are making this more yellow than it actually is.

This is, left to right: Chanel Delight and Catherine Arley 807. The Chanel is more a rose gold, but I think on it's own it might be very true to a real gold.

A different angle on those. The Catherine Arley has that lovely holo effect that is nearly non-existent in regular lighting, but it adds depth.

All BondJamesBond aside, an antiqued gold is all the rage this season so this also may help you know which direction you want to go if you're interested in that look. As I said, I don't feel that gold is flattering on me so I only have these few and one or two others that I couldn't find for purchase online. Still won't do that to you. Just won't.

What do you think? Are you shaken or stirred? :D

Happy Astons!

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