Tuesday, October 9, 2012


butterLondon has so much humor. I love it. Even if they have released a bunch of top secret squirrell colors again that I can't afford.
And at least they aren't all gung ho to retire them, either.

So, you know I had to pick up the fall collection they put out because I'm a butter fan.
This is the first I've tried: Gobsmacked. A term close to my heart for a stupid reason. Which I'm not gonna tell you.


Ahhh. OK. BMWWU wouldn't do this. She looked at me like she was gonna throw up and I handed her Fairy Blood instead. I love it. There are quite a few colors along this vein out right now, Illamasqua has one, which I don't have. (Yet!) Blackened with silver shimmer or black with silver glitter. Orly has a couple really pretty ones, Goth is coming to mind. Gobsmacked, however, has black glitter in it as well, which is what gives it it's zing.

Ooo. Sorry about the glare. I gloobed a little bit on the paint job as well. I should have cleaned that up, I apologize. However, all that aside you can still see the polish, which is the important part. There is just a lot going on here, and it's all great. Black glitter adding depth, silver glitter adding sparkle...it's fascinating.

What I'm trying to show you here is that this doesn't dry smooth. This is a pretty chunky glitter. It's thick and has a lot of particles. I can't tell what color the base is. It might be clear, it could also be a charcoal? You can see here, though, the darker and black particles. I'd be inclined to guess that this has several colors of glitter from the same color family. Or lack of color family, as the case may be.

Regardless, you're going to want a good top coat on this. It ate the first coat.

 There are a lot of pictures...I liked it.
You can see here where I was starting to get some tip wear. this did pretty well, and glitters will always wear like iron because the glitter gets glued to your nail in the painting process and it sticks. You can also see where I glopped up the cuticles. I had a little trouble controlling this, but nothing too bad. Nothing a little care wouldn't have stopped. It was thick, but you have to have that to hold all these glitter pieces together. It's to be expected in a polish like this.

Love it. Looks kind of like a starry winter sky.

This looks to me to have a touch of blue it. Like a dark dark cadet kind of blue. Do you see that?

Without flash...sparrrrkleeeeee.

Also without flash. It's not black. It has black in it, but it is not black. It's a very dark grey with a lot of black particles. It passes for black. It's like it has a fake ID or something.

Wear on the right hand. You can see where it's getting a little chippy on the birdie finger towards the ring finger. That is probably my weakest nail, it's the one that breaks most frequently (and no, it's not breaking so much because I flip people off. Not really....HONEST!)

Almost there.
Here is a bottle shot which shows this stays very true to the bottle color. I personally like that? I think it's a good thing. This is just great, I think. I liked wearing it and a lot of people were really interested in it. Only a few confessed to really liking it, but lots looked!

Last one, finally.

It's a little blurry but it has less bottle glare. I am not sure why I kept both but I did so we're going to look at them!

Gobsmacked. I think you might feel like you were after you see this beauty!


Happy Talons!

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