Saturday, August 11, 2012

Chanel Graphite

OK, so...Chanel is questionable on the animal front. I have never heard an unsafe about them...I've heard and seen safe and I've heard and seen questionable but I've never heard or seen that Chanel is definitely a bunny killer brand. They aren't owned by Estee I'm gonna go ahead and post this and hope for the best.

It is still available, I could walk into a local mall and buy this tomorrow so, it's also good on that front.
And it's PRETTY!

MDAMO picked this out out from a rather bewildering array of greys. I didn't know I had so many. This one was sparkly! It has hints of gold in it, but this is a primarily silver polish. I think that it is less graphite looking than Black Pearl...but I didn't get to name it!

This shows off the silver better. It has a lot of little sparkly particles in it, lots of fleck, which really make this a standout. It's also so smooth, not a glitter finish at all. It has a lot of depth. There is some green in there, some gold...lots happening with this.

Lovely foil fleck appearance. You can see what I mean about the green here. Definitely a green tint to this. It's OK, it just adds to it, I think.

Mad Close Up to show off the sparkle.

This got a lot of compliments but I wouldn't say it's an easy polish to wear. It has a harsh quality to it. I'll wear it again at some point, but it's almost formal or something. I'm not quite sure how to describe it. 

This wore pretty well, actually. I got caught up in life this week and didn't get stuff posted on time. I apologize. I don't even remember how I did this now. Yeah, I still don't remember to take notes on stuff. I'm brilliant that way.

Is this worth the price tag...well...I suppose that's up to you. It's unique, I don't have anything else like it that isn't a straight up glitter. It's pretty. I guess that's up to you. These are always really steep and you can get nicer polishes for less, but Chanel does have the great colors. No doubt about it. 

Would be interested to hear comments if anyone has any!

Happy Talons!

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