Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sheswai - One of those great customer service sites

I had never tried Sheswai lacquers before. I found them on a blog, of course, colors are pretty...little pricey...but then they came out with the limited edition fuckyeah and I had to have it. HAD to. I will swatch it later, I am still sporting interview nails and likely will be for awhile unless this thing goes terribly awry and I'm done with this particular job posting. you may imagine, a color named "fuckyeah" may not be...shall we say...conservative.

The point of this story is, though, that I placed my Sheswai order for just two lacquers to start, (badass being the have to know I am LOVING this shit) and a day or two later my second hit on the Illamasqua 60% off sale.

The Illamasqua arrived first. From LONDON. Hm.

Needless to say, I was concerned about my Sheswai order. So I emailed them. I got a response back really pretty quickly verifying the address. Yes...address is correct. I was really just asking if they had a way to track it. Awhile later I get another email expressing regret that my order had gone rogue and that it would be re-sent immediately. Well, hey...not really your fault...I just wanted to see if you could track it!

Several days later two boxes arrive. Both orders. Oh balls. I kind of suspected this would happen, it's how my world works. I only opened the one box because I really intended to send the other back. I get a very nice note back saying oh no, just this one time please do us a favor and share it! (Don't go telling them your stuff didn't arrive, OK? That's just a crap thing to do to somebody. Don't be wankers.)

OK! They did not have to do that. There would have been absolutely no hard feelings if they'd taken one of the orders back, giving away free polish isn't really great for their business and I know that. I mean...I work in accounting. I know!

I had no problems getting a taker for fuckyeah. A friend at work just went ape for it. Badass I haven't tried to shop yet but I think...the peeps at Sheswai were so sweet about the whole thing that BMWWU should be the recipient. She will know the most people who will like and wear it, and this, I feel, does the best by the Sheswai team that I can do. It will put their polish in front of the most amount of people.

Oh, and my friend from work will have no problems spreading the word herself. She's already tried it out on the neighbor. She's had it a day.

So I get an email that one of the colors will be retired and is on sale. I waited for payday, as I'm supposed to be on a no-buy, and I ordered two more.  It's a small collection but a very fun one. I can't speak to the quality of the polish yet, but I like the range, it's cruelty free, it has lovely sustainable wooden caps and the bottles are pretty. We're off to a great start! Plus, who doesn't love great customer service?

One of those sites I told you'd I would keep you apprised of!


Happy Talons!

P.S.: There will be pictures as soon as I can get pictures to upload. I'm having a weird error, which is partly why you're not seeing more posts this week. It's really odd. I'll figure something out. 

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