Sunday, August 5, 2012

The fight to stay Cruelty Free

I just want to slap China. The whole country. I really do. Their whole "You have to animal test to market here" thing is walking all over my mojo. I don't know what is safe, what isn't. I'm trying to just stick to the stuff that has a bunny on it but do you have any idea how tough that is? Particularly on a budget?? And I will talk more about my confusion on this later in this post.

So, I wanted to let you know the blog may be taking some steps outward. By that I mean, if you read this at all, you know my favorite brands are $10 a bottle at the cheap side going up into the $20 range. I have been looking around a lot, doing a lot of "window" shopping and trying to find more easily accessible cruelty free or vegan brands. We know about Milani, you might even know about Wet N Wild, which I've been exploring a lot, but NYX is cool too. ("nix" to us Noobs) Essence, I believe...still checking, but I'm pretty sure. I'm looking into some of the brands that look promising that are available on Cherry Culture. LA Colors is a cruelty free brand, which I didn't know before yesterday, and cheap. I've been doing a lot of looking. Reading blogs, watching vlogs, internet internet internet. I've been checking out Etsy, looking for you independents out there creating Frankens and designing amazing stuff. One of you, if you're listening, I have you bookmarked for when I have some money!

I picked up a little Wet N Wild haul yesterday after having tried some of the eyeshadows. I was very impressed. Went on like silk, wore all day, highly I picked up some more. Also some nail polish. Um, DUH! Of course I picked up nail polish. I hit a glorious little sale where I got a two pack of one color, one top coat for $1.99. Hello. Who knew? And one of them was a chunky glitter top coat. I brought them home and realized they are similar to some other premium brand polishes I have. This is fine...I don't mind. I'm trying to line up some similars for you so I can talk about how you might follow the big gals on the cheap. I like to do that myself! Frugal never goes out of style.

So...this whole cruelty free which I am still devoted, have no fear. I do slip from time to time, but I see it kind of like a diet. I have to forgive myself and move along. I'm trying to be informed, but the whole point of this conversation's so freaking difficult to STAY informed! I read a post from another blogger who has also been promoting cruelty free and vegan and...well, she finally kinda just gave up. I hate to admit it, but I understand her perspective. Where do you draw the line? The Chinese law has complicated this exponentially. So, what if it's made in China but not sold there? Many of the cheaper brands are. They are not tested unless the company tests generally. If they were a cruelty free brand before but now only allow testing because it is required by law, e.g. Estee Lauder brands? What is the line there? I'm torn. I know they have to make money. I know the Chinese market is HUGE. I get all that. I still...Ugh! So I'm trying to boycott but wow is it tough. You just don't always know you are doing the right thing.

My line, I've decided, is to do the very best I can. Research as much as possible, be as informed as much as possible, but when I slip or make a mistake, simply to try not to do it again.

So, I know I'm being confusing today. It's because I am confused. I just want you as readers to know, that I am doing the best I can to seek out new brands, good brands, hopefully very affordable brands, to add to my repertoire so that there is a better mix. My number one priority is the bunnies. My number two priority is cost. Right now I am strapping my finances way down so I will be exploring drug store stuff a lot. I'll be hitting 8ty8beauty a lot. $3 China Glazes? Sign me up. I have a cart full just waiting for pay day. Expect a CherryCulture haul in the coming months so I can tell you how I fare with them as a shopper. I want to get you more and better information. Don't get me wrong, I'll be learning as I go as well.

Together we CAN make a difference. I always remember at my zoo that there is a sign that says something to the effect that "No one made a bigger mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little". So if I can get you close to some of the hot colors without supporting animal testing, without spending a fortune than why wouldn't I do that? Common sense, right?

Hang in there Talonistas. We WILL get it figured out.

Happy Bunny Safe Talons!

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