Monday, July 23, 2012

Thank You, Urban Decay, for listening

If you read the beauty news, beauty blogs or eco blogs, you know that China has mandated that any beauty product marketed and sold there must be tested on animals. What. Are they TRYING to piss us off? I know I addressed this earlier, but if you're a casual reader then you may not know this. All the biggies have basically gone for it. All of them. There have been a few hold outs, Illamasqua for one. I don't know that you could call them really a biggie, but they definitely have a cult following, I'm a hard core Illamasquan, and they have stated they will not go there if they have to change their stance on animal cruelty. GO ILLAMASQUA! Maybe they had no intention of marketing in China in the first place, but who cares? They're still not gonna. The others have said "OK" and off they go to the huge Chinese market. Estee Lauder and everything they own, which is...everything, was the biggest hit. Like Bumble & Bumble hair care? Estee Lauder. Like Clinique? Estee Lauder. La Mer? ESTEE LAUDER! So disappointed because if a giant like them said no, maybe there would be enough consumer pressure in China to change their stance but...well, I can only control where my money goes.

Urban Decay had decided to join the lemmings over the China cliff and compromise their ethics in a quest for the Holy Yen. PETA, who you all know I have some skepticism about, actually accomplished something very worth while with a letter writing campaign to try to talk them out of it and succeeded. To honor that decision I did an Urban Decay polish for approximately 2 days but the point is made. I had to give them a nod. I wear Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner pencils almost daily. Great colors and they don't rip your eyelids off getting them on. This is good. But I don't really do a lot of makeup reviewing, there are other bloggers out there who apply it better and write better about it. I love makeup but it's the polishes I adore.

I have one set of Urban Decay polish. It's an oldie but I did check and some are still out there to be had without going to the EvilBay. It's one of the minis in the Apocalyptic nail kit and I found a couple still available on Once I found those I didn't really look further, honestly.

Yikes. OK. So I show you the good, the bad, and the ugly, you know that right? I had a lot of trouble controlling this polish and I actually wound up doing my nails twice. Poor MDAMO. He put up with my tantrum when this happened. It wasn't FBomb so much as just bad underpinnings, which were then thrown out. They just wouldn't dry and then FBomb wouldn't dry and then it dried on top of it and BLAH!!!
What you can see in this swatch, though, is a deep red that went everywhere. It was simultaneously goopy and hard to control. Gorgeous, though. Blood red. I felt like a femme fatale in this color. It's a straight up dark red creme. It's not burgundy. It's RED.

Sunlight through the window, no flash. Probably the best color representation.

This is highly highly pigmented and therefore a bit thick (tips hat to Kaydie!). I couldn't control it for crap, but I loved it once I got it on.

Teeny Tiny Mini Bottle. These little bottles actually kind of piss me off. I like knowing I can be as messy and wasteful and use it as many times as I like. Mini bottles make me feel like I have to be careful, save them up for special occasions...irritates me. This is one area of my life where I should be allowed to be as reckless as I want.

Teeny Tiny Little Label.

Think it's flammable? LOL

I think I had taken a brush and acetone to the cuticles, etc to clean this up at this point. I had it all over the place. All over me, the cat, the desk...I smacked it into the desk. This would have been funny if it hadn't been so sad. It was a doomed manicure.

MUCH cleaner. This may have been from round two.

I had read some reviews online that said these don't wear well. Unfortunately, I can't speak to that because I only wore it a couple days. It's my way of thanking the powers that be at Urban Decay for recognizing the world will respect them more if they don't compromise their principles than a real review, though I've told you what I learned.

Very pretty, Very vampy, great name and still Very Vegan. Thank you, Urban Decay, for deciding to stick to your morals and your existing fans who love you for them.

Happy Talons, Urban Decayites!

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