Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Poppy

Poppy is from the GOMM collection. For more info on this, please see Ji's blog at http://blog.rescuebeauty.com/. I'm kinda disgusted by what went on there. No..not kinda. Completely. Regardless of the aftermath, the inspiration and it's resulting colors are amazing, beautiful and magical.

I took the whole GOMM collection with me to my manicure. MDAMO didn't really have any say in this one. I did what I have traditionally done since I started buying nail polish like a hobo in a free sandwich shop. I take a bag full. Not a shopping bag! Someone I used to work with gave me a cute OPI pedicure tote thing that I am pretty sure she lifted from a salon she cleaned at night. Someone used to have them...it's a really cute set if you can score it and you're not bothered by the whole animal testing thing.

Yeah, no. I can't find it out there.

Anyway, the moral of the story is, it's a cute bag that zips, it's in the style of a makeup kit, and has slots inside to stash your polish so it's not rattling around in there and possibly getting broken. It came with flip flops and toe separators and I think a polish and a top coat? It holds a ton of polish.

So I took in the whole collection plus some other stuff for BMWWU to take a look at and choose. She chose Poppy because she will always choose anything coral or poppy colored, which she freely admits. It IS gorgeous.

OOOO. Very red but with very definite orange undertones. This is probably as close to a real poppy as you're going to get. It has that lovely shimmer in it, just a subtle hint of pink and red flash that doesn't really translate on the nail but which does give the color such depth.

Yeah, I kinda had to alter the label in the picture edit because of the thing you can read on Ji's blog. I got one of the pre-letter orders. Unreal! But the color and the lacquer itself. That's the important thing. You can see hints of that shimmer/flash I was talking about on the ring and pinkie fingers here. you might see it clearly if you enlarge the picture, not sure. This is so beautiful.

Like I said, BMWWU put this on and she doesn't usually say a lot about the polishes I take her as far as application unless it's remarkable. She called this "Perfect". It went on beautifully and was so highly pigmented and amazing. This is two coats here.

The back of the bottle, just so you can see it. The camera flash is kind of whiting out the shimmer particles, but they're really a red. This polish manages to be red and orange all at once.

You can see there is a little prelim tip wear. My job is hard on the nails, to be sure. Also we did a Seche UV activated top coat just to see. Not that impressed. I don't think it really wore any better than a regular Seche would.

Wow. looks true red there. Still quite a bit of yellow in this that brings up the orange. It's amazing. I will wear this again to be sure.

Last one. Looks more orange here. Like blood orange. Yeah. That's it.

I did repair this tip wear and slapped some top coat on it and it curled! I Seche doesn't play well with other top coats, is the problem. I just got some nail polish thinner, not remover, thinner, and pressed it back into place. It only had to hold for a week. I also got bored later in the week and put glitter on it. I wasn't bored with the color, I was just bored in general. Wow, did that gaudy it up! Come back tomorrow to see that and to get a little review of Orly Sashay My Way.

Rescue Beauty Lounge Poppy. Gorge.

If you like it, pick it up. Given the ugliness, Ji has declared this collection will never return. I'd check into it now if you're wanting this. 

Happy Talons!

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