Sunday, July 29, 2012

A-England Dragon

MDAMO decided green. I sent him tons of pics of different greens that I have, which really wasn't tons. I don't have a lot of greens. Some. He wanted GREEN. So we found Dragon. He was taken with it instantly. I took it to my manicure and BMWWU skrinkled her nose and didn't say much else and then when it was done informed me that it "looks nice with that ring". I think she didn't like it. She said it was the color of moss.'s very true.
I liked it.

Dragon is a nice dark-ish shade of grass green. It's described on A-England as:
"Like sunlight glinting off his iridescent mossy green scales, the fearsome Dragon lays basking arrogantly, awaiting his due."

I took this in the salon before it was even dry. You can see the holo particles in it here. It has such an interesting look to it. 

It did have some brush issues, the bristles were not all even. BMWWU took the tweezers to it and pulled those out and then had a brush she could deal with. it went on nicely, no problems. It's pretty highly pigmented, as you can see. The green is really rich and lush in it.

Unfortunately, I don't have a bottle shot for you, it would seem I left it at the salon. I hope I did. This is one of those that goes out of stock on occasion. It's in stock right now, but it has been out in the recent past. In other words, this one is popular!
Here you can see the holo particles in all their glory. This is with flash in sort of natural light. It's sunlight through the window but it's not direct to my nails.

Same lighting here. You can see it's just beginning to show signs of wear. This is EIGHT days old now! 8!! As in, more than a week! It wore like iron. To be fair, I wasn't doing any dishes because I badly burned my right hand and had a big blister. I even had to call my hairdresser and beg her to please wash my hair. It's been an adventure. As a result, this wasn't put through the same level of paces as usual, but it still had to survive my job, which is no mean thing. I barely survive my job.

OK, a bit blurry. And you can see part of the ENORMOUS bandage I had covering my burn. So sick of those things! But you can see how this lights up. It's seriously gorgeous. If you like green this is a good one.

In direct sunlight. The driveway shot! Isn't this pretty? Look how it's picking up the light but also reflecting the black behind it. This has depth. I think it's love. 

The right hand in the sun. So gorgeous. This looks darker because all the light it's picking up in the holo shimmer, but it's very true to color.
Whoa. Where did the green go? This is the same polish, I promise!

OOOO. This is it. This is the real deal. Super close up in the sun. You can see some tip wear on this hand, but it's not bad, especially not for 8 days.

As it compares to the fir tree in my back yard. Very close! That is new growth so if you're curious to the true color of this, go check out a fir tree!

Last one. This is my dog! Isn't she fluffy? :) I don't know why I took this. I just did, she was does show off the color nicely, though.

So I don't really remember the mechanics of this. It was a manicure and I honestly didn't pay a lot of attention. I know we tried the new top coat I got for free. I don't know if it's cruelty free or not so until I find out I won't tell you what it was, but it may have contributed to the amazing wear I had with this polish. It's so pretty and wearing like that just ups the notch on it. A-Englands, in my experience, wear amazingly well. I know that gels are the new hot thing, but if I can find a polish that wears 8 days then I'm probably using that instead of a gel!

What do you think?

And is it wrong that I keep thinking of Charlie the Unicron. No, I really mean Unicron. Youtube it! LOOK! There's a DRAGON! Behold the horror.


Happy Talons!


  1. It was so, tons :P At least 15-20 different greens, anyway :D All beautiful, but Dragon was the clear winner!

  2. Was it a ton? Ask me about purples!