Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Orly Sashay My Way - GLITTER!

"You had my picture on your wall...Right next to Gary Glitter" AC/DC, Little Lover

Orly came out with a line of chunky glitters recently, touting them to be both top coats or if layered to stand on their own. Whoa. There are 22 of them! I think I have 5. The ones available at my local Sally. Interesting! I'll be keeping an eye on the discount sites for more of these because they really are spectacular, but at $10 a piece....can't hurt to be a bit frugal because I won't wear them often.

I did Sashay My Way over Rescue Beauty Lounge's Poppy. Not because I was tired of Poppy or thought it needed a little something. I quite simply got bored. I knew I had another day before my manicure, which I felt gave me a little freedom to do something cray-cray. And it was!

Wish I'd had Rocket's Red Glare...That would have been great. But I did Sashay and it was...GAUDY! And I mean that in the most glitter loving way.

Discalimer: I had to tone down the exposure on every one of these swatches. I don't know why I had such a bad time that night. Every single picture was over-exposed and bleached out. I adjusted these to try to match what I know would be close to the actual color of Poppy. That seemed to be the most feasible thing to do. I also adjusted the sharpness on two of these. I try to tell you guys so you aren't mislead.

Take a look at this baby:

Yeah, it's all gold holo all the time in there. Note the stringy holo, which added something special, I felt. I know some disagree. (Lookin' at you, MDAMO!)

See what I mean? I needed to adjust some stuff. This is still fuzzy.

I didn't bother worrying about getting the glitter evenly disbursed on each nail or anything. I did try to brush out any clumps but I didn't worry that each nail had 22.5 pieces of glitter on it. "So...more? So you want me to wear more." Office Space. So true to life it's terrifying.

I find with chunky glitters that you can attempt to brush them on in a traditional way but you're going to get annoyed. Just dab them on, going back to the bottle frequently.

OOO, you can see the reflection here, and the lovely holo glitters. Hex glitters, string glitters...glitter for everyone!

Flashy, isn't it? I wouldn't wear this every day, but it was good for a Friday. It evened out nicely under a top coat, too. Not really very much bumpy to it.

This one is a little more washed out...but you can see what's happening. Pinky was a little chunky, there! OOPS~

This particular polish is just in a clear base. I am not sure they all are. I think a couple are in sheer jelly colored bases. If that will be a problem for you then you will want to sneak a peek before you buy. Orly is recommending these over black or on their own, but I don't see why we have to stick to that.

The green picture. I think I'm only posting it because it's here. It's really bad!

One last one. This is a really great chunky set. It's fun, it's playful and since a top coat, I used Poshe, is able to smooth it out, it becomes easy to wear mechanically. You know, you're not getting it caught in your hair or anyrhing like that. Or snagging your clothes. Glitters can do that, we all know! I did take a soft emery board and smooth over the edges on a couple nails because the glitter was sticking off and it wasn't bad enough to dig out an orange stick to push it back on. It worked well, no problems there.

Until it came time to take it off! This is why you don't often catch me in glitters like this:

That is after holding an acetone drowned cotton pad over my nail for who knows how long. Little glitter stalactites still stuck to my nails. They didn't want to leave. This is a hazard of all glitters in my experience. And the glitter gets all over and stuck to you. I contemplated taking an orange stick to these but it did finally come off with persistence.

What do you think? Picking these up?

Happy Talons!

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