Saturday, July 7, 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Private Dancer

Private Dancer is from Deborah Lippmann's spring metallics collection. I fell in love with these on sight and immediately ordered all three. Immediately that I had the cash, that is. Much as I love Lippmann's, they are NOT cheap.

Private Dancer was the one I was most excited to get, though once they arrived they were all so stunning. But still, this has fire in it.

I think the lacquer may still have been wet when I took this. It was downright hypnotic. That shimmer you see is both part of the metallic quality of this as well as a shimmer added in.

This had some wear issues, oddly enough. I suspect it was more an old top coat problem than a polish problem.
I always seem to have old top coat!

Look how this blackens around the curve of the nail, this is so complex. It's sparkly, it's mirror like, the color is intense, it's very highly pigmented.

Different lighting, a little overexposed. It's a chameleon, for sure, but there is no hint of duochrome really. This polish knows what it is and it's good at it. It so incredibly gorgeous.

Very color true picture. Ugh, my cuticles need HELP! But you can see the shine and complexity here. You can even see that it has a slightly silvery particle feel, though I don't know that you'd say you saw silver per se.

 You can see it reflects the metallic properties better on the nail than in the bottle, but this is very true to color. it has different properties in different light but it's very true to what you see. It's really exceptionally gorgeous.

Different light again. This is probably more direct but with flash. I thought it was important to try to show all the facets of this color.

The label shot. This one was a good one!

Lots going on with this color. And the color itself! One of my favorites, this is a lovely amethyst purple. It's a little darker than this in real life, check the label shot, it's very true.

Last one.
You can see some weirdness happened on the thumb nail here. I kinda bungled it, but you can see it fixed up OK

This wore for only about 4 days. Not the best, which really surprised me. As it was a first wearing, I would be inclined to blame the manicurist (moi) rather than the polish as Lippmann's really are the best quality. This was incredibly stunning while it lasted.

I don't exactly remember the mechanics, which might be a good thing. Next time I will need to try something different.

I hope you like this. This one was chosen by my guy friend who is willing to look at nail polish with me. For hours. He's dedicated. He loved it! So there is the male opinion on this one!

Happy Talons!

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