Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Rescue Beauty Lounge - Aqua Lily

Before you go any further, this is a really short post.

I also need to explain that while I have promised and will always keep that promise to not show you stuff you can't buy without resorting to the The Site That Shall Not Be Named, I am covering Aqua Lily because according to Ji's blog, it will be available again in the fall.

SO I don't feel I'm really breaking my rule because if Ji says it will be back then it will be. I also have the Georgia O'Keefe collection but I've not worn any of it yet. So Gorge. And I love Georgia O'Keefe so it's something of a personal collection to me. I think it was Georgia who literally showed me that my femininity was both beautiful and amazing. If you don't understand that, gaze at some of her stuff.

This isn't really a review as rather just some swatches to let you look at it, see if you're interested in it. RBL has upped their prices for the new collections to an even $20 so being prepared to purchase those you are really wanting is key. 

So on to Aqua Lily.

Nice shadow. So as you can see, Aqua Lily is a nice watery blue-green. It also has a lovely pink flash in it. Pinkish/purplish flash. This is not the best swatch, really. This makes it look muddy and it's really not. It is much brighter.

Note to self, don't take swatches at desk. Horrible shadows!
Not muddy, if anything I would say powdery...it has a powdery feel, but it's bright and cheerful and right on trend right now.

You can see hints of the flash. And yeah...I used my nook as a backdrop.

There is more hing of the flash. And for this one you have the charger for the nook as a backdrop! That cord in the back? **facepalm**

This went on thick for me, I think you can see it here. And the layers under it did not want to dry. I think I did this during a storm, actually. I wonder if that had an impact. I'm sure it must have. However, you can see nice clean cuticles and not a lot of mess elsewhere. I think it's only flaw here is that you can see it's thick and you can see it wanted to bubble. However, this is Rescue Beauty Lounge, which is almost always flawless, and so you know it's not this lacquer. I think instead it was the under lying soft foundation of mess. This never did dry properly, I had to work some magic.

Last one. Note the flash you can see here.

Hints of purple and pink on top of a gorgeous aqua blue-green loveliness. Elusive and alluring.

What do you think? Will you be watching RBL for this to come back?

Happy Talons!


  1. Hi there! Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely Aqua Lily review :) I had a great time creating it with Ji and I'm still pinching myself that it sold out AND is coming back! The formula is on the thickish side because it's heavily pigmented, but I do believe that the weather could have had some effect. Also, give the bottle a really good shaking/rolling before you use it again as the pigments can sometimes clump together. Anyway, lovely swatches! And cute Nook! LOL ;) Enjoy!

  2. You are really so welcome. It's absolutely gorgeous and I know I will wear this over and over again. I really think the problems I had were owing to mess underneath. I've since tossed almost all of those bases under it. I think they were just flat old. It did even out so beautifully. RBL's are so fantastic, even my manicurist comments on their perfection and she's picky. To say the least! I really had to get on here and do that post even though it's a personal commitment of mine to never torture people with stuff they can't get because...this baby needs to be seen!
    You did design a thing of real beauty! Thank you!!

    Haa! I love my Nook. I carry it everywhere, like my kid or something. It seriously is a problem. I think it's in my purse right now.