Thursday, July 12, 2012

BB Couture - Glampyre

 I haven't done a BB Couture in forever. I don't know why that is. I love them. If you read this at all consistently, well, not recently, but in the past, you will know that I love them. I've even missed the last couple of collections being released. I think I stayed away because I knew I would have to have them and that was $120 bucks I don't have to spend. I'm on a strict no-buy for awhile, except for the really great stuff. Like the new Cult Nails collection, which I will have to scam money for from somewhere.


Glampyre was a late addition to the Saints of Ruin Collection which was inspired by...The Saints of Ruin. Which is a band. I'm old. I don't know them and I don't care because the collection is great and late or no, Glampyre was a great addition.

As you can tell, it's a lovely shimmery blackened olive drab concoction of wonderful. It's changeable, it looks brown in some lights, it looks definitely olive and at times definitely gold. There is a lot of gold in the color.

And it does that fantastic blackening past the curve of the nail thing. And it has the male seal of approval as well!

There is it's olive coming through. And the shimmer. And please keep in mind that each of these pictures is true to it in one light or another. I didn't get any sun shots of it because honestly, we're in record highs where I live, the air quality is shit and they are warning people to stay in. Healthy people. I am not unhealthy but I do have crap lungs. I can barely breathe most of the time and that's in the air conditioning so I don't go out there unless I have to.

Lookit me, pretending to be in an advertisement.

This is an example of it looking brown. Just one more of the colors it offers. You can see the goldish green color in the reminds me of a patina. That is really the way I see it. Gold that has a patina on it, like bronze. But yes, you will see it look brown as well.

Not the world's to die for swatch, to be sure, but it does show the blackened darker aspect of this. You will never mistake it for a black but black is a big part of what is happening with it.

Just one more shot of the blackened olive gorgeousness.
Now...I appreciate this color isn't for everyone. It's not going to work on everyone and it's not going to appeal to everyone. It's really pretty unique and it takes some cojones to wear it. it's one of those colors people will look at you crazy for. Which I don't personally mind. I find a nearly sarcastic benign smile takes care of the judgmental and fearful of color people out there, but if you've never pulled that smile off then...I understand your taking a pass on this one. However, I love it. There are similar ones out there, I'm trying to think of that Nars one...MASH? Think so. I think too, that it lacks this blackened dark and sinister quality. Think so. Then again, that's not for everyone, either. And of course, I won't promote that...animal testing! Not Nars but their parent company Shisheido. Of course, almost all the big cosmetic companies are animal testing because China is requiring it. Huge step backward.

This is at the end of it's life. The manicure is 5 days old, it's filed hundreds of papers and washed a lot of dishes. It's still holding it's shimmer but you can see the cuticles are starting to peel and it's just looking shabby.

This was a problematic manicure for a lot of stupid reasons. Here's a tip, don't play xbox while painting your nails. It doesn't work out. When repairing said damage the next night, don't smack your nails into your computer desk. I got this all fixed but it did take it's toll.

Given the hard luck life of this manicure it did amazingly well. I had to put another coat of paint over the existing top coat to fix the xbox massacre so that helped. But it also caused some peeling and lifting, which you can see where a chunk came out towards the top of the middle finger. Nice.

Wait til you see the other hand that I've been picking at.

DOH! There it is. Bad, huh?'s going away tonight.

You can see on the tip of the index finger where I tried to clean up some of the mess I made. I should have started over! Plus, my base coat isn't wanting to dry so it just had problems. None of that is the fault of the lacquer, which held up amazingly well with the whole nail world stacked against it.

And it looks bronze here. Such an odd color.

Application was great, when I wasn't messing it up, and it went on in two lovely coats. Very opaque, very easy to manage. It dried just fine, what was under it didn't so I would guess drying time to be quite good on this.

It's readily available on Overall Beauty. Kim's a sweetheart so check out what she has going on. She's now handling quite a few polish lines including GlitterGal, Ozotic, Cult, A-England...I need to write to her and suggest she talk to Cheeky Monkey...maybe I will.

Glampyre...Just try it.

Happy Talons!

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