Tuesday, May 31, 2011

**Shakes Fist at Rescue Beauty Lounge**

Curse you, Ji Baek and your gorgeous, amazing, gorgeous, fabulous...did I mention Gorgeous? Nail polishes!!! **Shakes fist**

Crapola, lads. She's brought back two of my long time lemmings: Chinoise and Plie. Supposedly the perfect red and the perfect ballet pink and...how the not very mighty have fallen. Yeah...because I just can't bear to pay for shipping. $108 later...(and what? FIVE polishes as well?) I have a problem. A big one. I'm an addict. I admit it. I love nail polish. I have too much...I could never wear it all...and yet, I acquired more. I did manage to talk myself OUT of hitting Cheeky Monkey and RGB. RGB is a brand I haven't tried yet, they're priced in the RBL league and I had waited to hear back from their customer service about the cruelty free. They are! So I may be purchasing a few of those, but I'd like to get some payments made before I start getting completely stupid. Do we think? Yeah. We do.

I do have a big post in mind for the latest color *teaser alert* Nars Desperado. It didn't survive much in the way of dishwashing so I have taken lots of swatches to show how to repair it. Though it didn't take a beating, it did repair beautifully. So I will have those posts coming up.

As well as pics of the latest shameful RBL haul. Chinoise...oh I have lemminged thee....but you will be mine. Oh yes. You will be mine!

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