Saturday, May 7, 2011

Oh brother...

OK. Blogging is NOT helping my polish addiction. It might have made it worse. Oh well. If I am addicted to nail polish the way some people are hooked on crack, least nail polish won't likely make me dead or make me make anyone else dead. Right?




Well, I just made a Rescue Beauty haul. If you saw my post on Ani and how it didn't wear well using my usual suspects and how I was curious about the Rescue Beauty Lounge treatments then you will understand that I went to the Rescue Beauty Lounge website to just see what was happening over there. Yeah. 3 colors and the treatment package later...Deliver me! But now I can test this out for us, at any rate. I'm beginning to think that some polishes flat need their own bases and top coats to really perform. Plus...Starfish Patrick was back. I have been longing for Starfish Patrick. Lemming, one might say...and there it was. All pinky peachy and available for purchase. It's exactly the kind of peachy pinky milky goodness that looks wonderful on my pastey whiteness. Come home, Patrick, Come Home!

And yes, I AM ignoring the email offer from Illamasqua for a free medium pencil with a 50BPS purchase. They hate me. I know they hate me.

I will post some pics when the haul arrives.

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