Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani...Fail.

My mani from Sunday to Wednesday was something completely not gigolo M&M bright blue. I went neutral.
Note the ridiculously long nails. This is what happens when I skip a mani.

Rescue Beauty Lounge has great polish. You're paying a premium price for it, it better be good! And it is! It goes on like a dream, the colors tend to be chic, edgy and gorgeous and of course, it's cruelty free.

I had many compliments on it, it was very elegant...and I wasn't sure I liked it. I did Ani, which is a gold/beige/shimmer and it's lovely. It truly is. I love the polish and the color. I was just never sure I loved it on me. I was sort of Meh on it. Seriously. It was great for me on the mannequin hands front...but I thought it gave me a hint of lobster paw redness. I don't know, check the pics, see what you make of it.

THEN...the massive fail. I had tip wear and chipping in a DAY. So not finding that funny. Normally I have great wear from RBL so I'm not sure what happened. Maybe this is a color that requires it's own brand's base and top coats. I don't have them from RBL so I can't test that, but maybe on my next haul I will invest and see what happens.

It's not showing up really well in the picture can see it a little on the birdie finger. Also, you can see on my index finger where it puckered under the top coat. In all honesty, I probably rushed that top coat a bit and that was probably my problem there. All the same...this mani wasn't a real success for me and I was glad I only wore it 4 days. I was ready for something different by the time my regular manicure rolled around. I think I'm just not a neutral shade kind of girl.

Overall, the color is beautiful, but maybe not so much on me. I had trouble with wear, which could have been several factors, not the least of which being my nails were just plain too long. I don't really blame the polish because it went on beautifully and my track record with Rescue Beauty does not suggest it's that. Though I do have a bad bottle, but that's a story for another the one where I try to wear it and thin it down enough to clear up the clumps. Hello. Generally I find Rescue Beauty to be a great polish. I'm marking this up to a fluke. And possibly to old top coat....we shall see. My bottle is definitely getting down.

Here's the mani steps:

1. Varisi to clear the nail and balance pH
2. Poshe base coat
3. 1 coat Nailtiques 2
4. 2 coats Seche Rebuild
5. 2 coats Rescue Beauty Lounge Ani
6. 1 coat Poshe Quick Dry top coat

And a last parting action shot:
See the redness? Yeah...And yes, for the record, I took these at work. I have this lull between having my am tasks done and the receptionist coming in that is a black hole of productivity. I can try, but I'm just frustrating myself as I'm handling customers from all fronts and the phone. Not worth it. So sometimes, you will see shots of my desk!

In summation: beautiful color...for someone else. Crap wear, not sure why. Wow. This was one helpful post, huh?

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