Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ahh, children

I was too tired and beat to post this past weekend, but the thing causing my exhaustion and desire to bury my head in concrete is coming rapidly to an end so I am hoping that I will be posting both more frequently and more consistently. For in my mini hiatus...I've neglected to fill you in on the last couple of colors!! AUGH!

So, to finish up on the Lippmann...clearly I had a malfunction. I suck. It chipped, but not badly. What really happened was this:
Note the thumb as well. That's the kind of chipping I was getting. Possibly my fault for over fixing...I get a little paint happy. Well, you know I can't have this. So...I took it off. Might I point out, if you read the last post, that this is particularly melony in this picture. Did I tell ya? I told ya. It's different yet again from the first picture of it in the last post. It's just a chameleon. It is truly pretty.

So...I took great delight in painting them this:

Meet Illamasqua Bacterium. This is a dazzlin' color. It's sedate enough for work, but it has an unnerving flash to it in a strange greenie sort of sickly way. I love it. Plus...I love the gasp of horror you get from people when you tell them the name. I roll like that. Illamasqua SO suits me. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any really amazing pics. I need to tear the closet apart and find the black satin I really want to take pics against, it would have shown this much better. But here is another shot of it:

It really is lovely and I had many compliments on it. Until you got THIS face!
(image blatantly and shamelessly stolen from sodahead.com)

Really? Is the name that bad?

So...it didn't wear great. In it's defense, it did a lot of housekeeping like activities such as dishes and trying to clean up the dog. Plus...I strayed from my now favorite Seche Rebuild topcoat. I don't know why...momentary stupidity?

I had this issue:
Take a peep at those tips. Yeah. This is what I mean.

Here's how I did that mani, sos you know how not to do it:

1. 1 coat Poshe basecoat (The blue bottle. Have I mentioned that?)

2. 1 coat Nailtiques 2

3. 2 coats salon science Fiberglass Network (Which is probably not cruelty free. If I could find a website for them, I'd find out. I'm not endorsing it. I just happened to have it and need to get it used because I'm a dork who can't stand to waste anything.)

4. 2 coats Illamasqua Bacterium

5. 1 coat Poshe topcoat. I think. If I'm remembering correctly.

To be fair, this polish did wear about 6 days which isn't bad. And I enjoyed wearing it, and more so telling the name of it. I just get a perverse satisfaction from stupid stuff like that. And from friends subsequently saying "You WOULD wear a color called that." HEE HEE. Yes. I would.

When that got to me finally, I changed this past Sunday to Lippmann's Naked, which is one of her new Spring colors. I don't have the pics moved over yet, but man is it naked. It's...yep. It's pretty? But there is nothing earth moving about it...which is pretty earth moving. You'll see when I post the swatches. I am also going to go on a little Seche Vite rant because I had some Seche Vite issues. I also had some Poshe issues. But we are going to have to talk about those later because for some reason, this is saving every 2 seconds and I can't even get a whole sentence typed without having to wait which is very annoying. Plus, it's late.

Happy polish!

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