Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Deborah Lippmann Naked, Zoya Uma and Priti Rabbit Tracks

Sorry for the delay. Life doesn't always belong to me. I've been through the ringer lately. No excuses!

Last week? I went for the Deborah Lippmann Naked. It's a new Spring Lippmann and I really loved it in the bottle. I'm still completely in love/hate with it on ME, however.

Take a look:

It's pretty...but I'm not sure it doesn't further wash out my translucence.

I had some trouble with it, too. I had some light chipping, which was annoying, and I fixed it. I slapped some Seche Vite over it and...yeah. All kinds of peeling at the cuticle end, and I was trying to be careful not to go over the polish line, I seriously was! And yeah. Check it out:

Look at that pinky!! Augh! **SHAKES FIST AT SECHE VITE** CURSE you! Also, note the chippage on the birdie..yep. This was a problematic mani for me. And I just wasn't sure on that color! It's gorgeous...but I am not convinced I like it on me. Any thoughts out there?

So after that, because I was trying to be so interview appropriate for a job I'm not going to get, what a joke, we chose for my actual professional mani Zoya Uma. This is truly pretty. Now...I don't have the best of luck with Zoya. I really don't. Great colors and inspirations...not so great wear, at least on me. My first Zoya lasted almost 24 hours and I gave it away I was so disgusted. This one did slightly better. It lasted about 5 days.

 Isn't that pretty? It's a little pinker and so I think looks better on me than Naked. Here's another which shows the pearliness of it better:

Wow is the lighting weird on that. I apologize. But you can see what I want you to see, at any rate. The slightly shimmery pearly niceness. It was really pretty. It just didn't have a chance against about 4 sink fulls of dishes plus cleaning my brother's bathroom which...really, sandblasting would have been a lot simpler and likely more effective, but anyways...

Interview being over, essentially, barring the two phone ones I keep getting threatened with that never happen, I went teal. I had just read somewhere that a good Summer change from all the neon-coral-red-bright-cornea burning colors is a nice classy teal. I had Priti Polish Rabbit Tracks burning a hole in my acetone bottle so I went away from the beiges for awhile. Lord. Am I sick of beige! I need color! So here we go:

Believe it or not...that's not black. It's teal. This is just a rubbish swatch and I did a crap paint job. I'm heading over to the picture leopard for a better one...hold please!

While we are waiting on those, some more shots of Naked, just because I can:

 Nice tip shrinkage, there. That's a Seche issue...And yeah, I know, that ring is fab. Please don't ask what it cost. I try not to think about it.

Yeah, see what happens on me? It looks slightly baby poopy....meh!

Look at that! Look at those cuticles. I could scream.

Don't even...I just did a crap job on this manicure, obviously. This is why I pay someone.

OK, We have Rabbit Tracks on board now:

Note the tips...this isn't wearing well. In it's defense, my Poshe top coat is cooked. You'll be getting reviews of China Glaze's fast dry top coat now. I'm not replacing the Poshe until I've burned through that. It stinks to high heaven so we'll see how well I hold out.

Yeah....looks black again. You can see a hint of color there in the bottle. I wonder why this is photographing so dark. Granted, I'm still using my phone here...but. Hm. At any rate, I would like to point out, after complaining that this isn't wearing well, that this polish did a load of dishes tonight so..all told, it's not really doing that badly. I just did note that it took about 2 hours at work to get tip wear. No real chipping yet, though. I have one small one on one finger...that's all. Nothing to get excited about, it's not very visible.

AH! There we go. This is pretty true to color. It's very true, actually. My desk...the best place for color shots. Please ignore that drunken space monkeys (aka me) did the paint job. Ack, those cuticles. **embarrassed** I usually do much better. This pic was the next morning, incidentally, not as recent as most of the other pics, which were while I was writing this post, so there is no wear yet.

OK. Now we know what color it is and how it's wearing, let's talk about application. It was good. A bit streaky, but it clears itself up after the second coat. It goes on rather thick and it's highly pigmented. I liked putting it on. It was an easy apply, if I'd been paying any real attention to what I was doing and not using only one lamp that was across the room. Oops. Applies well, no complaints there. I like the color. One friend called it "Vampy", and I suppose it is.

So here's what I did:

1. 1 coat Poshe base
2. 1 coat Nailtiques 2
3. 2 coats Seche Rebuild (still love it!)
4. 2 coats priti polish Rabbit Tracks
5. 1 very thick coat of Poshe quick dry top coat, which is cooked, peeps. It's just flat done. It's downright goopy. Some of the wear issues I am having may well be its fault.

And now you're all caught up! Sorry for the long post and random rantings. I'm a bit tired and stressed out so hopefully the next post will be better.

Happy painting!!

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